John McAfee crypto predictions

John McAfee’s latest predictions on 5 coins in the cryptocurrency market

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With a market full of bullish and bearish movements, it is very often that we find figures in the financial industry making controversial predictions about how they think certain coins are going to behave in the near future.

Not all of the times, predictions are on point, but the truth is, frequently it results very easy to foretell the performance certain cryptocurrency is going to have according to the strategies it has been employing lately.

In this matter, that’s precisely the case of virtual coins such as EOS or TRON (TRX), cryptos that have been very much in the eyes of the storm lately as we are only a few days away from the launch of its main nets. Much has been said regarding these coins will shoot the moon very soon, and that’s something that accordingly John McAfee is more than agree with.

Recently, McAfee made incredible forecasts regarding five coins in the market, Golem (GMT), Docademic (MTC), Bezop (BEZ), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), and EOS. Let’s see the price he forecasts and how it goes!

McAfee’s predictions

The founder of McAfee, one of the most efficient cyber security solutions in the industry, has characterized throughout the time by being very controversial, however, most of the times accurate on his predictions regarding coin’s behavior in the market. This time, he has done it once again by assuring five coins will get to certain prices by the mid of the July month.

He has forecasted Golem (GMT) will hit the 3 dollar mark, Bezop (BEZ) will be priced at $0.84, Docademic (MTC) $2.50, EOS $36, and Bitcoin Private will be at the mark of the 200 against the US dollar.

If these predictions happen to be true, we would be speaking of remarkable improves in each of the coins mentioned above. In the case of EOS, which currently trades at a price of $12.22 according to coinmarketcap, we would see an increase of 188 percent, and in the case Golem (GMT), the scenario would be even more drastic with a jump close 600%.

Regarding these declarations, a large group of the community was noted on his Twitter account asking him about the facts behind such statements, as well as asking him about the future of other coins not mentioned in the prediction.

In this matter, some of the crypto news portals reached to him and asked for clearing the facts behind the price predictions, a fact of which he responded that it would just simply happen, even saying that if there were to be an algorithm, no one would expect him to reveal it.

The same way, he cleared up the facts regarding his alleged relation with Bitcoin Private, a rumor widely spread on social media stating he is being paid to promote the cryptocurrency. With regard to this, he established that he makes money from his corporations and foundations, and not by supporting BTCP or other coins.

Finally, in relation to the several questions of crypto enthusiasts about the future of TRON (TRX), he said “Have not run the numbers. My computing power is limited”.