WaltonChain Expands Potential with Partnerships

Blockchain News

Waltonchain (WTC) and Chinese cross-border logistics company Huodull  announced a partnership. It is one of many that have brought the WTC blockchain technology to real-world use cases before their competition.


Supply-chain solutions are one of the most obvious to benefit from blockchain technology. There are many companies working to establish a reputation in the space, such as Wabi (WABI), Ambrosus (AMB) and Modum (MOD). However, Waltonchain (WTC) continues to push forward with active real-world use cases.

The project is based on bringing the Value Internet of Things to life. This IoT concept arises with the ability to integrate physical products with internet connectivity that have not yet been connected in that way.

A prime example is Devery (EVE). Their product verification protocol has recently been used to assist an international non-profit food assistance program.

RFID tags will play a major roll in materializing these supply-chain solutions. Radio-frequency identification tags use electromagnetic fields to create unique identifiers for each product. They are similar to QR codes, but use radio frequency.

Uber of Logistics

Huodull is a logistics aggregation platform. The company was founded in 2015, and has already shown success using AI, Big Data and Blockchain to deliver logistics efficiency. They are able to fill in the gaps in ways traditional shipping companies cannot – similar to Uber with transportation of people.

The service is actively shipping products throughout many cities in China. Current developments include usage of visual technology combined with intelligent algorithmic logic operation to automatically identify goods, measure cargo volume, weight, photo archive and upload information to the system.

“Smart” Partnerships

Ishijah trading – food and beverage management solutions

Fujian IoT Industry Association – working to accelerate development and adoption of the Internet of Things

China Telecom – major Chinese communication company developing technologies for smart cities

Jinhu, China Government – Air purification and smart monitoring project

Loci – blockchain intellectual property collaboration

New Progressive Mining Reward Program

Waltonchain has also recently created a new mining rewards program to ensure stability and reduce transaction time and fees for their blockchain. All the partnerships and potential developments would mean nothing if the tech behind their blockchain was weak. They are taking the necessary steps to maintain long term growth