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Curiosity Talk: Currency Expert Arthur Brock Founder of Holochain & Ceptr

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How would the internet look like if it was built ethical? What is money? How do you build a community that lasts? What are the downsides of the blockchain?

Theses are some of the questions we’ve gone through in the interview with Holo founder Arthur Brock. Together with a community of like minded currency designers, inspired by nature, they’ve been working on building networks and apps for the future. “Ethical computing” is what they call it.

I spend most of my time and energy on projects that I believe support and accelerate the harmonious evolution of humanity. Rapid transition and transformation surround us, but the outcomes of these transitions are still uncertain. I believe that humanity has much greater capacities than we currently employ. I am working to unleash those capacities for the mutual benefit of all. – Arthur Brock

They have far overreached their goals of their Indiegogo campaign which is still going on. Their new internet is launching around spring this year and you can still take part in the ICO (which they call Initial Community Offering).

Here is the indepth interview and #CuriosityTalk with Arthur Brock: