What is Aavegotchi? BIG Aavegotchi Updates for 2022 You DON’T Want to Miss!

In this article, we’re going to talk about what is Aavegotchi, and updates about the upcoming Gotchiverse Farming. Let's take a look at

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

July 11, 2022 8:08 AM

What is Aavegotchi? BIG Aavegotchi Updates for 2022 You DON’T Want to Miss!

The world of gaming and NFT has lately witnessed a major wave. Integrating various noteworthy crypto and DeFi projects into the functional world is certainly what crypto investors are looking at. In fact, this is how the forthcoming cryptocurrencies and NFTs are going to shape up, via trial and error. In this article, we’re going to talk about what is Aavegotchi, and updates about the upcoming Gotchiverse Farming. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is an NFT game on the blockchain. This game is based on Tamagotchi. Recall those little black and white machines where you used to play and feed your virtual pet? This is precisely what this project is, but integrating NFT into the mix. Aavegotchis are NFTs that users can purchase. Every Aavegotchi is special and has unique attributes. The more periodic the attributes of an Aavegotchi, the more irregular and more beneficial it is.

The aspects of the Aavegotchis can be constantly enhanced during the game. Based on how much time and money users invest in their Aavegotchi, the more occasional it will be. It’s about pushing various interactions with their Aavegotchi. Users can pet it, put on new clothes, feed it or recreate minigames with their Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchis are beneficial as collectibles. Users can continuously get rewards in $GHST with their Aavegotchi. The “rarity farming seasons” occur at periodic breaks. In each round, users can get rewards for the rarity, dedication, and adventure of their Aavegotchis. Ranking indexes are issued for each of the types and based on these ranking indexes, the prizes for each Aavegotchi are specified. The prizes come from the portals traded, clothing objects, and also from all Bazaar sales.

Further components and functionalities will be incorporated in the future. In this manner, a whole metaverse should be completed which users can occupy with their Aavegotchis.

On July 8, Aavegotchi celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Today mA lot has happened in the past two years, and largely to the optimistic side. From technological advances to new offerings…it seems like this project is here to stay. Not only is the project rapidly growing, but they already touched 28 countries and have more than 55 envoys. So without further ado, let’s see what happened in these two years:

Initially, this project was operating on the Aave protocol. But they made the transition to the Polygon network mainly due to the increased fees that appear every time a holder transacted. This resulted in a discussion in the Aavegotchi community. They all chose to make the movement and move to a scaling solution network. Many alternatives were laid out:

Polygon Matic was the only one that was fundamentally reachable. Also, they delivered Aavegotchi with decentralization, EVM compatibility, and prepared infrastructure. Further, Polygon carried an “Ask Me Anything” session where they responded to all the questions and anxieties. As a result, they were the clear victor.

Alpha Leak: Gotchiverse Farming Release Incoming

Aavegotchi just announced the much anticipated Gotchiverse farming release. This implies new Installations and new methods to play-to-earn are arriving. The farming release presents a completely new method to play and earn in the Gotchiverse! Players can optimize their farming design and gain Alchemica by draining their pools every eight hours.

According to the official post, Aavegotchis are modest farmers, and the farming release permits Aavegotchis to turn back to their roots without the threat of liquidation. The new method includes three new installations. These are:

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Play 2 earn, particularly in crypto, is a game format, that permits users to make in-game rewards, which can be transformed into real-world currencies. Gaming has constantly developed from arcades to phones and laptops for the past few years. While games were entertaining, people could not make money from playing them during those times.

What is Aavegotchi

People played for the joy of it and not to make rewards. During the arcade period, players pay their money to play games. Those games need coins to function, making it essential to insert coins before playing your favored arcade games. And since these were one of the earlier gaming mediums, clients quickly acquired interest, parting with their coins to relish it.

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Aavegotchi is designed by the firm Pixelcraft Studios, on the liquidity protocol for DeFi Aave. Via its game, Pixelcraft Studios aims to unify the DeFi and NFT cosmos with exceptional crypto-collectibles that can be betted in DeFi for numerous advantages within these ecosystems. Aavegotchi has achieved across-the-board popularity and acclaim among engaged users and fans, who are attracted to its pixelated ghost avatars that feature authentic and creative elements and features that give them outstanding in-game value. 

1.Create a Metamask Wallet

To use Aavegotchi, you require an ETH address. It is advised to install the Metamask extension for Chrome. Open the extension and utilize it to create a wallet. First, you have to create a password. You will utilize this later to open Metamask in your browser. Then a secret key will be created for you. This key allows you to open your wallet (even without your password).

The key invariably consists of a series of words. Write them down carefully and make sure that you can keep this key in a secret, safe place. In the next step, you will have to confirm these words in the correct order to activate your wallet.

As soon as you have completed this, an ETH address has been generated for you. This is your public address to which you can also send your tokens.

2. Buy Cryptocurrencies

To be capable to play Aavegotchi we first have to purchase cryptocurrencies. Here’s a short guide on how to Buy Bitcoins on Binance. It is preferable to buy Ethereum and Polygon there and transmit them to the Ethereum Blockchain. Or you can purchase Binance Coin and Polygon and transmit them to the Binance Smart Chain. Its drawback though is that it is not pre-installed in Metmask. So you have to install and setup the Binance Smart Chain to accomplish this step.

3. Add Polygon in Metmask

Aavegotchi is played on the Polygon Blockchain. To utilize the Aavegotchi app, you have to prepare Metamask to communicate with the polygon blockchain. By default, only Ethereum is available there. A user-defined network can be counted for this in the Metamask settings. Here’s a simple guide on how to add Polygon to Metamask. Here is the how-to-play step-by-step guide

Aavegotchi’s Two Years: Complete Review

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