Top 5 BEST NFT Games in 2023

If you want to get on the NFT bandwagon, then this article is for you! Here are our top 5 picks for the best NFT games in 2023.

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

March 20, 2023 11:17 PM

Top 5 BEST NFT Games in 2023

2021 was the year where Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs hit the mainstream. People across the world heard of an NFT that got sold for more than 60 Million Dollars. This led them naturally to want to know more and get involved in this technology. And what better way is there to play and earn? In fact, many NFT projects revolve around users entering a virtual world and interacting with others through a metaverse. If you want to get on the NFT bandwagon in 2022, then this article is for you! Here are our top 5 picks for the best NFT games in 2023.

#5 Splinterlands

Splinterlands is an NFT collectible card battle game that allows users to play and earn at the same time. In fact, users can battle, trade, and earn with others players across the metaverse. Players can also buy in-game credits through a variety of cryptocurrencies on their platform or on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea.

What makes this project unique from other NFT games is that Brave is the official browser of Splinterlands. Basic Attention Token (BAT) made the Brave browser, which is a privacy browser that rewards users that watch ads with some BAT tokens. If users play Splinterlands on the Brave browser, they’ll earn even higher rewards such as in-game credits, items, and lands.

#4 Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a “Pokemon-inspired” universe, where users partake in a pet universe and can battle, pet, and trade fantasy creatures called AXIES. Axie Infinity Shards (aka AXS) are the tokens of the project, allowing their holders to stake, pay and participate in the governance of the platform. The staking feature is not yet active, and this will definitely attract many players in the future. This is definitely a worthy project to consider.

On top of all this, some lands are starting to get purchased from the metaverse. This would definitely increase prices upwards going forward. So if you want to position yourself into NFT sales, check out this land in particular.

#3 The Sandbox

Sandbox is a virtual world based on blockchain, where users can buy, sell or even create their own digital assets. Thanks to Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Sandbox created the perfect online experience, combining decentralization and gaming. As a mission, Sandbox aims to bring blockchain technology to the masses. Not only do they target gamers, but they attract creators as well, as not only can users play to earn, but also create digital art and sell them in-game.

#2 Upland

Upland is a game that’s available both on Android and iOS mobile devices. Think of it as a Monopoly game where you can buy and sell real-world properties, but in the virtual space. This difference between this project and other online games that have a similar concept is that Upland has a cool Lama as their mascot. Another difference jokes aside, is that players have actual ownership in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. So when you buy a property on the game (which has a real-world address), it would belong to you, thanks to smart-contracts.

#1 Aavegotchi

This is one of our favorite NFT games in 2023 here at CryptoTicker. Aavegotchi is an NFT game on the blockchain, based on Tamagotchi. Remember those small black and white devices where you used to play and feed your virtual pet? This is exactly what this project is, but adding NFT to the mix. Aavegotchis are NFTs themselves that you can buy. Every Aavegotchi is unique and has individual properties. The rarer the characteristics of an Aavegotchi, the rarer and more valuable it is.

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