How to Buy WAGMI NFT? Easy Guide

WAGMI United is one of the exciting NFT projects to consider during this bear market. What is WAGMI NFT and how to buy WAGMI NFT?

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

July 16, 2022 12:15 PM

How to Buy WAGMI NFT? Easy Guide

WAGMI United is the most exciting NFT project since the bear market. At the beginning of the year, well-known people such as Gary Vaynerchuk, GMoney, Erik Snowfro, and various Bored-Ape and Cryptopunk owners bought the football club Crawley Town FC. This currently plays in the EFL League Two in England, which corresponds to the 4th league. In this article, we’ll talk about how to buy WAGMI NFT and bring you up to speed on the project.

What is WAGMI NFT?

WAGMI crypto is pursuing 3 goals. The main goal is to reinvent old sports management models. Because in professional sports it has become common for particularly rich people to buy up clubs. As a result, sport is no longer in the foreground and traditional clubs are being lost. WAGMI United tries to counteract this happening.

The aim is to ensure that the fans have voting rights for the club. For example, you can decide which players to buy or how the club invests its money. This is intended to create a better bond and allow fans to intervene directly in club management.

In addition, you also pursue big sporting goals. The owners want to bring the smallest club in the English Football League into the Premiere League. It is recognized that this will not happen overnight, which is why the first two goals are prioritized. Above all, they want to democratize the club and allow a community to vote on decisions that will shape the future of the club.

How to Buy WAGMI NFT?

WAGMI United is an NFT project. Thus, in order to become a member, you must mine or purchase an NFT. WAGMI United’s mint page can be found here . The price is 0.35 ETH, which currently corresponds to around 400 US dollars. There are a total of 12,000 NFTs in the collection, resulting in a retail price of approximately $5 million. This price corresponds to the fixed costs for running the football club. Almost 2,000 of the 12,000 NFTs are currently still available, which is why it pays to be quick.

You can also purchase the NFT on . As of today, the floor price is 0.269 Ether, which is significantly below the mint price. It should be noted here, however, that buying a “second-hand”* WAGMI NFT does not give you all the advantages of the NFT.


Holders of the WAGMI NFT have a lot of access to the perks of the club. Here’s an up-to-date list of benefits to owning WAGMI NFT:

  • Special input and voting on the future of Crawley Town FC
  • Adidas x WAGMI United x Chromie Squiggle Jersey
  • Limited football scarf
  • Limited football cap
  • Owners choose a design for the third merchandise
  • Access to IRL Events
  • Free tickets to some CTFC home games
  • Exclusive access behind the scenes of the club
  • AMA with players
  • Exclusive live streams during matches
  • Access to global IRL events, including “WAGMI Zone” matches for games
  • ERC-721 commemorative token, according to merch claims (Note that you will receive an ERC-1155 token after minting. Once you have ordered your merchandise using the NFT, the ERC-1155 NFT will be burned and you will receive an ERC- 721 NFT.)
  • Digital Wearables
  • Special benefits for NFT-Minter* (If you have minted an NFT for 0.35 Ether, you will receive special benefits. These are not yet known.)

Will WAGMI NFT succeed in bringing Blockchain to Football?

WAGMI United is an exciting project in several respects. Above all, however, the idea of ​​giving fans a say in their favorite club is revolutionary. If the project is successful and WAGMI United really rises to the Premier League, it could even influence today’s sports management models. Imagine being able to democratically decide what decisions are made at your favorite club. This would definitely take the sport and fan loyalty to a new level.

The project or the NFT can therefore be viewed as a kind of start-up. The idea has been thought up and now the whole thing has to be implemented. The potential is huge and WAGMI United could become an example project for a decentralized and democratic club structure. The model can also be implemented in any club and applied to any team sport. Adidas has already been won as a sponsor with the idea, which also speaks for the still young project.

So it remains exciting to see how WAGMI United will develop in the future. There is a long way to go that needs to be overcome. By the way, the first NFT vote will take place this weekend. Here the owners can choose in which position new players should be signed. You can choose between goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards.

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