CryptoTicker announces its first NFT Collection – Here’s how to MINT!

In this article, we’re going to go over everything to know: What is CryptoTicker, what CryptoTicker NFTs allow you to do, and how to get them.

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

September 13, 2022 9:00 PM

CryptoTicker announces its first NFT Collection – Here’s how to MINT!

CryptoTicker is thrilled to be the first German crypto news platform to release an NFT collection as a first stepping stone into its own Metaverse. Those NFTs will allow their respective holders to benefit from invaluable future drops. In this article, we’re going to go over everything you need to know: What CryptoTicker is, what CryptoTicker NFTs allow you to do, and how to get them. 

What is CryptoTicker?

CryptoTicker started as a Berlin-based crypto, blockchain, and tech news platform composed of an international team of experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the community. Our team spans the globe bringing news, and market insights and sharing solid market analysis and trading ideas. 

Over the course of 5  years, CryptoTicker grew its reach from mere thousands to more than 10 million visitors per year. Our start was humble, but we dreamed big and always believed in blockchain tech. That’s why today, we are officially announcing our transition to Web 3.0.

CryptoTicker’s first NFT collection – What’s it about? 

In the management team, we decided to have a free PUBLIC MINT on Matic Polygon for all participants!  With this Polygon Cryptoticker NFT in your wallet, you will soon be able to unlock special channels in our free Discord! In the future, we will combine a variety of additional digital and real benefits with our upcoming NFT collections. 🔥🔥🔥

Here’s a list of all the benefits that come with owning this 2022 NFT:

  • On-chain proof that you are one of the first to embark on our Web 3.0 journey
  • Exclusive Access to Token Gated Discord Channel
  • Sneak preview of our upcoming Web 3.0 features
  • Test out our new features before they are released
  • Shape the future of our web 3.0 journey with your ideas
  • Workshops, Focus Groups, and surprise events
  • Chill out with a like-minded community and be the first to own a Soulbound Token

Click here for the Free Cryptoticker Polygon/ Matic Mint:

First Comes – First Served! Secure those special IDs

The NFT contract runs through Polygon, which helps reduce gas fees to virtually zero. If you don’t have some MATIC in your wallet yet, get a free faucet here

You must also set up Polygon / Matic as RPC under “Networks” in your wallet and switch the network to Polygon for minting. How to add polygon to metamask – instructions.

In case you don’t know how though, don’t worry! We made it super easy to switch with a few clicks.

We made the token soulbound, meaning it’s non-transferrable. If you haven’t heard of soulbound tokens, check out this overview from Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

💎 The  Cryptoticker Ethereum Genesis Edition ( 5 ETH ) 💎

Only active members who already have previous experience in the Web3/ NFT environment will be offered a personal exchange in the Premium Discord. The tokens are very limited and also soulbound. Since Ethereum crashed in prices recently in 2022, the transaction fees are much lower than what they used to be.

Some advantages of the Genesis Edition:

  • + 1 VIP Ticket to the upcoming C3 Crypto Conference
  • + Masterclass online Discord access 
  • + Christmas party December 2022 
  • + Various other airdrops for the Cryptoticker Metaverse in Q4 2022 

These advantages will only benefit future Ethereum NFT holders. The current Matic Collection as a Free Mint is initially used to unlock special channels. Feel free to message @CrazyCrypto on Discord for more info on the Genesis Edition if you’re interested.

How to Mint CryptoTicker Genesis NFT

Our Genesis NFT is for the pros. It exists on the Ethereum blockchain, unlike our free NFT that uses the Polygon blockchain. Here are the steps in order to mint our Genesis NFT:

  • Make sure to have a Metamask wallet
  • Make sure to switch the network on your Metamask wallet to Ethereum’s mainnet. If you don’t know how, check out this article
  • Make sure to have a minimum of 5 ETH in your wallet + some ETH for gas fees. The current gas fees are around 21$ on the expensive side with priority.
  • Go to the minting page:
  • Click “Connect Wallet” and connect your Metamask which has the ETH
  • Click on “Mint”

We look forward to the next common Web3 steps with all of you. Even in a bear market! We have a lot planned and a lot is already being built! For any questions, make sure to reach out to us on Discord.

Your team ❤️

Rudy Fares
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