Aavegotchi’s 1st Anniversary is TODAY! Here’s what Happened so far

One cannot but respect the community that Aavegotchi created. So without further ado, let's see what happened throughout this year.

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

July 8, 2021 5:23 PM

Aavegotchi’s 1st Anniversary is TODAY! Here’s what Happened so far

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Aavegotchi. A lot has happened in the past year, and mostly to the positive side. From technological advancements to new offerings…it looks like this project is here to stay. Not only is the project rapidly expanding, but they already reached 28 countries and have more than 55 ambassadors. On their discord channel, the 1st anniversary is being livestreamed for more than 500 listeners. One cannot but respect the community that Aavegotchi created. So without further ado, let’s see what happened throughout this year.

What is Aavegotchi Crypto?

This project is not just another crypto venture. It is an interesting mix of DeFi and NFT, where users can buy NFTs and at the same time, interact in a metaverse. It is a perfect community-based project that also lets its valuable users participate in governance by voting for how the project progresses. This gives its users utmost value and respect.

Aavegotchi is an NFT game on the blockchain, based on Tamagotchi. Remember those small black and white devices where you used to play and feed your virtual pet? This is exactly what this project is, but adding NFT to the mix. Aavegotchis are NFTs themselves that you can buy. Every Aavegotchi is unique and has individual properties. The rarer the characteristics of an Aavegotchi, the rarer and more valuable it is.

Aavegotchi moves to Polygon Chain!

Originally, this project was running on the Aave protocol. But recently, they made the shift to the Polygon network primarily due to the high fees that occur every time a holder transacted. This resulted in a debate in the Aavegotchi community. They all decided to make the move and shift to a scaling solution network. Many options were laid out:

  • Ethereum 2
  • Avalanche
  • Cosmos
  • Flow Blockchain
  • Polygon Matic
  • NEAR
  • OMG Network
  • Polkadot
  • Solana

Polygon Matic was the only one that was basically reachable. Also, they provided Aavegotchi with decentralization, EVM compatibility, and ready infrastructure. Additionally, Polygon held an “Ask Me Anything” session where they answered all the questions and concerns. As a result, they were the clear winner.

Aavegotchi Livestream gets more than 500 listeners!

Today, on their 1st anniversary livestream on Discord, the team managed to garner more than 500 listeners at a time, something that most projects fail to do. Not only that, their discord party room is blowing with people congratulating the project on their 1st year.

The level of enthusiasm was all over the place. Additionally, the founders talked about upcoming developments and additions to the project, that will definitely boost the project’s success. From NFT collaterals to new metaverse interactions…a lot of things are cooking!

Aavegotchi Year in Review

Happy Birthday, Aavegochi!
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