Why Germany Needs a Crypto-Conference

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In Germany, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been one of the hottest topics as of late. Ever since the German Federal Ministry of Finances (Bundesministerium der Finanzen) ruled Bitcoin as tax-exempt, there has been an influx of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs rushing to set up shop in the EU nation. Furthermore, Germany’s stable economy, up-and-coming startup scene and oddly relaxed attitude towards initial coin offerings have resulted in more and more startups launching ICOs in Germany.

However, with an increase in the number of ICOs, there have been cases of scams and fraud where entire ICOs vanished along with the money they collected from their investors.

To make matters worse, as cryptocurrencies face mainstream adoption, there are more and more people who are introduced to the concept of investing in these virtual, intangible currencies every day. Unfortunately, a large majority of those people are joining the cryptocurrency space out of “FOMO”, or the Fear of Missing Out, and not because of a genuine interest in the technology behind those coins.

Therefore, to tackle the problem of “dumb money”, it is crucial for people to take the initiative and learn about the fundamentals behind what they are putting their money in. There are various online resources that are readily available, such as blockchain tutorial videos on YouTube, online seminars etc. However, out of all the possible methods, nothing beats getting a holistic active learning experience by attending a cryptocurrency conference.

In a cryptocurrency conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the mechanics and the potential behind cryptocurrencies through the various keynote speeches. Besides, there will also be a multitude of networking sessions where people who share similar passions in the cryptocurrency field can interact and connect, learn from each other, and form valuable connections along the way.

Introducing The C3 Crypto Conference

With the intention of bringing together leading crypto experts, investors, blockchain start-ups, lawyers, developers and everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Paranoid Internet GmbH has announced that it be organizing the C3 Crypto Conference, the biggest crypto conference in Germany. Paranoid Internet – a multicultural consulting agency that has developed highly-successful companies in the UK, the USA, Germany and South America – is now organizing C3 in Berlin, hoping to reveal to the world innovative solutions and new technologies in the blockchain & crypto industry.


This large-scale cryptocurrency conference is the first of its kind in Germany. Although there have been other cryptocurrency-related events in Germany, such as the BlockShow Meetup in Berlin and the Blockchain Spring School 2018, we still lack a large scale conference that can bring about change from sectors that matter the most.


The C3 Crypto Conference will start tomorrow on the 5th of April at the STATION Berlin Convention Centre and will go on until the 6th. Tickets are currently on sale on C3’s website, with various types of tickets designated to suit the needs of different attendees.  Late-bird tickets for the conference start from €229 for the “Startup” level all the way up to €1295 for the “Investor” level. If you only wish to visit the exhibition, it will cost you €29 for a one-day pass and €49 to attend both days.

Below are a few discount codes if you are a startup or a student:

Startups get 50% discount on startup tickets: STARTUP50

Students get 50% discount on all tickets with code: C3UNI50

For more information, visit the official C3 website here.