Ultimate Guide to zkSync Airdrop

In this article, we'll explore the potential of zkSync and an ultimate guide to the zkSync airdrop through a curated set of actions.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

December 30, 2023 8:05 AM

Ultimate Guide to zkSync Airdrop

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for innovative platforms that offer rewarding opportunities. One such platform making waves is zkSync, presenting users with the chance to engage in transactions that can yield substantial returns. In this article, we’ll explore the potential of zkSync and an ultimate guide to the zkSync airdrop through a carefully curated set of actions. Let’s take a look at this is more detail.

zkSync stands as a Layer 2 scaling solution intricately integrated into the Ethereum network. Crafted with the primary goal of amplifying Ethereum’s scalability and efficiency, it directly tackles prevalent challenges, notably high gas fees and sluggish transaction speeds. Leveraging zkRollup technology, zkSync introduces a paradigm shift towards swifter and more cost-effective transactions, positioning itself as an optimal solution for Ethereum users seeking enhanced performance.

Requirements for Qualifying for the ZkSync Airdrop

zkSync, the Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is set to distribute tokens via an airdrop to its engaged testnet participants. This guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough of each essential step to maximize your chances of receiving a substantial amount of ZK tokens during the airdrop. Our goal is to present a detailed and user-friendly roadmap, focusing on the strategic utilization of zkSync’s applications and active participation in testnet activities.

To enhance your eligibility, consider bridging funds to the zkSync Era Mainnet and engaging with various projects within the zkSync ecosystem. Numerous decentralized exchanges (DEXs), NFT platforms, and protocols are readily available for immediate utilization. Below are the tasks:

Bridge Funds to zkSync

Initially, ensure you possess a MetaMask wallet containing a certain amount of Ethereum for the subsequent steps. Once you have a funded MetaMask wallet, proceed to integrate the zkSync Era network into MetaMask by following these steps:

  • Click on “Add Network” within the MetaMask interface.
  • Network Name: zkSync Era Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 324
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  •  Block Explorer URL:

Bridge funds seamlessly using Owlto finance

  • Visit Owlto Finance and link your wallet.
  • Choose the network from which you intend to send funds, ensuring there’s ETH available on that network.
  • Opt for the destination network; in this scenario, choose “zkSync.”
  • Input the desired amount, click “Send,” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maximize zkSync Engagement

1. Refuel from Optimism to zkSync on

   – Visit

   – Execute a refuel from Optimism to zkSync.

   – Cost: $0.10.

2. Send an Email on

   – Navigate to

   – Send an email using the platform.

   – Cost: $0.14.

3. Token Swaps on

   – Access

   – Approve USDC and WBTC.

   – Execute swaps: ETH → USDC, ETH → WETH.

   – Cost: $0.83.

   – Tip: Each token approval costs ≈$0.18 and provides an additional transaction/contract.

4. Approve and Deposit USDC on

   – Go to

   – Approve USDC.

   – Deposit USDC.

   – Cost: $0.40.

5. Deploy a Lightweight Contract on

   – Visit

   – Deploy a lightweight contract.

   – Cost: $0.20.

   – Note: This action might positively flag you as a developer.

6. Set a Referral Code on

   – Explore

   – ‘Set a referral code’ and submit.

   – Cost: $0.28.

7. Refuel from zkSync to Base on

   – Revisit

   – Execute a refuel from zkSync to Base.

   – Cost: $0.18.

8. Bridge from zkSync to zkSync Lite on

   – Head to

   – Bridge funds from zkSync to zkSync Lite.

   – Cost: $0.17.

You’ve Successfully Completed the zkSync Engagement Steps. Note: Costs are calculated at 27 Gwei.


We successfully navigated the zkSync ecosystem, executing 11 transactions and actively participating in zkSync Lite, all achieved at a reasonable cost of $2.30. The potential replication of the $ARB model, with transactions spread across nine months, could yield a remarkable 7 points or, equivalently, 3,750 $ARB. 

Anticipating potential challenges post-Arbitrum, where zkSync may impose stricter measures, these steps form a solid foundational strategy, especially when aiming for ‘low hanging fruit.’ 

Moving forward, the key is to maintain consistency over several months, actively contribute to transaction volume, explore multipliers such as Multisig Safe and the Official Bridge, and be prepared to engage with zkSync’s Omnibus farming campaign upon its launch. This proactive and strategic approach ensures a robust presence and continued success within the evolving zkSync landscape.

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