Looking for a Solid Crypto Bot? This is your Answer

In this article, we'll look into what Crypto Bots are, and introduce an alternative to HODLING, which is ROBO-INVESTING with True PnL.

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

May 4, 2021 10:21 AM

Looking for a Solid Crypto Bot? This is your Answer

Many traders are daily on the lookout to find the perfect automation for their trading activities. This search usually reaches a dead end. Most companies they end up finding are either too expensive or are simply scams. Most tricksters out there try to lure investors in, giving their users a safe environment in the beginning. They later switch and make you deliberately lose, demanding you to deposit further. In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into what Crypto Bots are, and introduce the perfect alternative to HODLING, which is ROBO-INVESTING with True PnL.

What is Robo Trading?

Robo trading is a kind of automated investing service that uses advanced algorithms to build and manage investing portfolios. Learning how to trade and portfolio management trading basics can be a tedious activity. On top of that, not everyone fits the description of successful traders, as the game involves strong emotional intelligence. Additionally, sitting in front of the screen for hours is very tiring and can lead to nowhere, especially in the crypto market, where most big movements occur at night. This is where Robo trading enter, automating all your trading activities via a simple few clicks.

Robo Trading Softwares use complicated charting analysis based mostly on technicals and advanced statistics in order to correctly estimate where the price is headed towards. They enter the market based solely on educated guesses, rather than placing bets using emotions.

What is True PnL?

True PnL aims to bridge the gap between beginners and professional crypto traders. They provide Robo Trading services that have winning and tested strategies for trading crypto assets. Long are the days where you sit and watch charts, wondering when is the right time to enter and exit the market. With True P&L, you’ll simply link your account, choose a trading bot, then relax. The whole process doesn’t even take 5 minutes.

Trading and Managing cryptos are very easy with True P&L, as they offer Portfolio tracking. Using only one account, you can analyze and improve your bots selection by checking advanced analytics and going back to your trading history. Choosing an automated strategy is super easy, as everything is automatic. You simply select approved strategies, and that’s it. Everything is managed by APIs that link to your destined broker, which is Binance for the case of True P&L.

Which Assets are Supported on True PnL?

Everything is very transparent when it comes to providing data and past performances. With True P&L, you can browse the top-performing bots right from the landing page. There, you can see each Bot’s name, the crypto pair it trades, and the related “Week, Month and Since Inception” performances. Major pairs that have a lot of volatility such as BTC or ETH are definitely on the supported list.

Should you Deposit money first?

Not really, True PnL does not store cryptocurrencies on their servers. They simply host Robo-trading connections and send APIs to the exchange platform. This allows investors to execute trades on their respective accounts automatically. No third party whatsoever would have access to the investor’s account except himself.


If you don’t have time to learn how to invest or don’t have time even to focus on this exhausting activity, relying on solid Robo-Trading software is the answer. You’ll simply link your account, choose your strategy and earn. Instead of stressing about where to enter or exit the markets, an emotionless and smart software with a profitable track record will do that for you. Best of it all, you’ll still have full control over your account.

Happy Investing!

Rudy Fares
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Rudy Fares

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