BIG AIRDROP: PIXEL Tokens Airdrop To RON Stakers

The snapshot for eligibility was taken on February 8th at 10:00 am. Let's take a look at this PIXEL airdrop

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

February 18, 2024 5:22 PM

BIG AIRDROP: PIXEL Tokens Airdrop To RON Stakers

The distribution of Pixels tokens will occur through an airdrop to RON token stakers. Currently, 20 million PIXEL tokens have been set aside for this purpose, to be distributed in two phases: initially, 10 million tokens will be distributed, followed by the second phase within one month. The snapshot for eligibility was taken on February 8th at 10:00 am. Let’s take a look at this PIXEL airdrop in more details.

In crypto, teamwork and community backing are often the keys to triumph. This rings true for Pixels, the groundbreaking gaming platform thriving thanks to its symbiotic relationship with the lively Ronin Network community. In a move highlighting the power of community involvement, Pixels has unveiled a special set of rewards solely for those who’ve staked the $RON token, sparking enthusiasm and appreciation across the network.

Granting Rewards to Ronin Network Supporters

Pixels, renowned for its captivating gaming experiences and dedication to blockchain integration, has set aside a significant chunk of 20 million $PIXEL tokens to distribute among its faithful supporters. The distribution will occur in two phases, with 10 million tokens available in the first phase and the remaining 10 million slated for release in the subsequent phase, happening a month later. This strategic approach not only ensures sustained engagement but also acknowledges the community’s ongoing dedication to the platform.

Participants are eligible to claim half of the tokens immediately. To claim the remaining half, participants must maintain their eligibility level. Both halves of the claimable tokens must be redeemed within three months from the date of initial eligibility.

Tiered Rewards System

The rewards allocation follows a tiered structure, designed to acknowledge and incentivize various levels of involvement from Ronin Network participants. A snapshot taken on February 8th at 2:00:00 GMT served as the basis for categorizing users into four distinct tiers based on their $RON token stakes. From casual participants to seasoned veterans, each tier presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to enjoy the fruits of their involvement:

1. Tier 1: Staked 1 $RON – Eligible for a generous reward of 183.34 $PIXEL tokens.

2. Tier 2: Staked 55 $RON – Poised to receive a substantial reward of 675.75 $PIXEL tokens.

3. Tier 3: Staked 684.64 $RON – Entitled to a lucrative reward of 2,315.77 $PIXEL tokens.

4. Tier 4: Staked 8317.4 $RON – Set to receive an impressive reward of 3,955.11 $PIXEL tokens.

Participants can claim half of their respective rewards immediately, with the remainder becoming available upon maintaining tier eligibility. This underscores the platform’s commitment to nurturing long-term engagement and loyalty among its user base.

How to claim the Rewards?

For those eager to claim their well-deserved rewards, Pixels has streamlined the redemption process, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants. $PIXEL rewards will be conveniently deposited directly into users’ in-game mailboxes, with recipients advised to allow up to an hour for processing. For newcomers keen to join in on the excitement, accessing the platform is as easy as logging in with a Ronin wallet via the official Pixels website.

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