LayerZero x Holograph AIRDROP Guide: Create and Bridge Multichain NFTs

Explore the LayerZero x Holograph Airdrop tutorial, your gateway to create, mint, and bridge multichain NFTs. Harness the potential of this unique cross-chain protocol collaboration today!

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

September 3, 2023 8:54 PM

LayerZero x Holograph AIRDROP Guide: Create and Bridge Multichain NFTs

The exciting world of NFTs is rapidly expanding, and with LayerZero’s collaboration with Holograph, there’s a new airdrop opportunity for users to explore. This tutorial will walk you through how to tap into the LayerZero x Holograph Airdrop and navigate the functionalities of the cross-chain protocol on LayerZero, enabling the creation, minting, and transferring of NFTs. Follow our simple steps and optimize your chances to rank high on search engines.

What’s New in LayerZero x Holograph?

LayerZero, a cross-chain protocol, has partnered with Holograph, a comprehensive app that offers interfaces for creators. The app is specifically designed to allow creators to efficiently create, deploy, mint, and bridge multichain NFTs. Furthermore, a generous 10% of the supply is earmarked for public distribution.

Grabbing the LayerZero x Holograph Airdrop: Step-by-Step Guide

Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Dive right in.

1. Start Your Journey

  • Navigate to the Holograph App.
  • Connect your wallet. For a smooth experience, consider focusing on Arbitrum owing to its low gas fees.

2. Time to Create Your NFT Collection

  • Select the “Create” option, then venture into the “Single NFTs” section.
  • Hit the “Create Collection” button.
  • A form will appear; provide all necessary collection details.
  • Save your input by clicking on the “Save” button.
  • Deploy your collection by pressing the “Deploy” button.
  • Decide on which network you wish to deploy.
  • Confirm the transaction to secure your action.

3. Opt for another Network Deployment (Tip: BNB Chain is a Gas Saver!)

  • Initiate the process by pressing “Create NFTs”.
  • A detailed form will be presented; fill it out accurately.
  • Save your work using the “Save” button.
  • Now, it’s time to make it official. Click on “Mint” followed by the “Confirm” button.

4. Bridging Your NFT: The Final Leap

To ensure this step is successful, ascertain your collection is deployed on both the starting and concluding networks.

  • Under the “Bridge” option, you’ll find the “NFT Bridge” section. Click it.
  • Define the initial and final networks.
  • Choose the NFT you wish to bridge from the available options.
  • Solidify your actions with the “Bridge” button.

Celebrate Your Achievement

Hooray! You’ve successfully navigated the LayerZero x Holograph Airdrop tutorial. Embrace the future of NFTs and explore this fantastic opportunity.

Remember: The LayerZero and Holograph partnership heralds a new era for NFT creators and enthusiasts. Stay updated and make the most of this multichain NFT bridging opportunity.

Kieth Rean Garcia
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Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth is an Article Writer, Digital Nomad, Web3 Enthusiast, and NFT Gamer, currently based in the Philippines. Actively involved in the blockchain space for 3 years, his work spans across writing and exploring the potentials of Web3 and NFTs.

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