Illuvium’s Third Beta Release: Arena PvP Makes Its Debut

Discover Illuvium's Beta Phase 3 with Arena PvP, strategic battles, unique Illuvials, and player-driven governance in a blockchain RPG world.

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

November 28, 2023 11:32 AM

Illuvium’s Third Beta Release: Arena PvP Makes Its Debut

The gaming world is abuzz with the latest update from Illuvium, as it gears up to launch Phase 3 of its beta on November 28th. This update is a game-changer, introducing the much-awaited Arena PvP (Player versus Player) mode, marking a significant evolution in the Illuvium saga.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world RPG (Role-Playing Game) adventure intricately woven into the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing the Immutable X layer. This game transports players into a vast, diverse landscape where they embark on a quest to capture mystical creatures known as Illuvials. The core gameplay involves hunting these creatures, unraveling the mysteries behind a cataclysm that shattered the world, and engaging in strategic battles.

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Illuvium isn’t just an adventure game. It also has other parts like Illuvium Zero, where you build things on land, and Illuvium Beyond, where you collect and change profile pictures. All these different parts are connected, making the game more interesting and varied.

Illuvium Overworld

In the Illuvium Overworld, players encounter over 100 unique Illuvials, each with distinct attributes and powers. The gameplay revolves around capturing, upgrading, and fusing these Illuvials. Players can store their Illuvials on Shards, akin to collectible cards, adding a trading dimension to the game. These shards can be traded in the marketplace or shared with friends, fostering a dynamic ecosystem within the Illuvium universe.

IlluviDex and Governance

Illuvium also has its own marketplace, called IlluviDex. This is where players can trade all sorts of things from the game, like the Illuvials, shards, and other items. Plus, there’s a special part of the game where players get to have a say in how things are run. They do this through a Council that gets elected regularly. This means players aren’t just playing; they’re also helping to make decisions about the game.

The Arena PvP Update

The introduction of Arena PvP in Phase 3 is a significant milestone for Illuvium. This mode allows players to strategically assemble their teams from a roster of over 250 Illuvials, 80 Augments, 400 Weapons, and 50 Suits, and engage in intense battles against other players. This not only adds a competitive edge to the game but also brings in the potential for prizes and rewards for victorious players.

Team Builder and Epic Games Store

To aid players in crafting their battle strategies, Illuvium offers a dedicated Team Builder page, complete with game guides and the flexibility to experiment with team compositions. The release of this update coincides with Illuvium’s addition to the Epic Games store, broadening its accessibility and player base. The Epic Games platform, known for its user-friendly interface, allows easy game downloads and updates, further enhancing the Illuvium gaming experience.

Final Thoughts

The new update of Illuvium, with its Arena PvP in Phase 3, is more than just a regular game update. It’s like stepping into a growing, changing world of blockchain games. This update brings a cool mix of strategy, different kinds of games within Illuvium, and the excitement of possibly winning rewards. It shows how blockchain technology can make gaming more interesting and different from the usual games we see. Illuvium is really showing what’s possible in the world of online gaming with each new update it brings.

Kieth Rean Garcia
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