How to SAFELY use Cryptocurrencies on the Web and be Crypto Safe!

In this article, we’ll explain what VPNs are, how they can protect online users, and especially how to be Crypto Safe!

Rudy Fares

Rudy Fares

June 29, 2021 6:19 PM

How to SAFELY use Cryptocurrencies on the Web and be Crypto Safe!

The cryptocurrency world is definitely way better than traditional finance when it comes to anonymity. Despite the freedom provided to crypto users in transferring value, hackers and imposters can still get ahold of valuable information. This breach does not happen on the blockchain, but rather on the user’s accounts or device. To counter that, there is a very easy trick that any normal user can do: using a VPN service. In this article, we’ll explain what VPNs are, how they can protect online users, and especially how to be Crypto Safe!

What is a VPN service?

Usually, when a user goes into the interwebz, he uses a public network that enables users to send and receive data. This makes the user prone to public spoofing, where hackers place “virtual ears” that manage to “hear” all your internet activity. Be it online websites, passwords, or private data such as crypto wallets…Everything can be traced by those vicious attackers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an extra layer of protection, giving users an added layer of security when accessing the internet.

There are many VPN providers, but naturally, we would look for a reliable one that has cheap prices. Here at CryptoTicker, we use the BEST VPN provider that also happens to have the LOWEST prices in the market, we use NordVPN

How can NordVPN protect your Online Activity?

Many websites offer their services in specific countries while banning users from different countries. Take Netflix for example, they show specific movies and series in country A, but not in Country B. Using a VPN, you can select the country you would like to route your connection to, thus becoming part of this country. It’s the same thing for crypto websites that exclude certain countries that may be restricted. With VPN, you not only become able to use the company’s services but also become invisible to those pesky marketers or even those online scammers.

NordVPN can help users in many ways. It’s as simple as turning on a light switch, and enjoying the following benefits:

NordVPN – Avoid Unwanted Attacks and Be Crypto Safe!

Another point to mention and focus on, is the ability to protect your crypto wallets, be it online or offline. See, there are many scams that might trap you with malicious practices:

All of the above can happen to users who usually use public wifis or even private wifis. Using a trusted VPN such as NordVPN can protect you from any mishap that might happen, especially if you store thousands of dollars into crypto accounts. Despite crypto operations being already encrypted and online platforms secured, those attackers target the weakest link…YOU!


In today’s fast-paced internet world, being safe is not only a luxury but a crucial necessity. Users should definitely watch out for all kinds of bad online practices, as it might not only cost them their data but also access to their valuable cryptos. NordVPN is definitely worth checking out, as they currently have their summer sale, which gives users a whopping 72% discount and 3 months for free!

Rudy Fares
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