Helium Price Prediction– How Can You Benefit From The HNT Crypto Now?

The HNT coin is performing well for the last 30 days. This post is all about Helium Price prediction and how can you benefit from the HNT coin.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

June 23, 2022 7:55 AM

Helium Price Prediction– How Can You Benefit From The HNT Crypto Now?

The helium coin is becoming more and more prevalent. The rationale for this is the mining process that the company delivers. The HNT coin is performing well for the last 30 days. This post is all about Helium Price prediction and how can you benefit from the HNT coin now. Let’s take a look.

What is Helium Crypto?

Helium Network is a decentralized wireless network that enables devices to link wirelessly to the Internet anywhere in the world. It is a secure and open-source network. Developers have the option to create low-power, Internet-connected devices at a cheaper and more rapid speed.

Helium Price Prediction: Helium Coin Tests New Resistance!

HNT/USDT Monthly chart – GoCharting

A few days ago, the Helium coin price kept seeing support at +/- $11.42, so the price increased from this point as soon as it touched it. Yet, this support was broken almost a month ago. In the last thirty days, the price has increased enough to stretch the one-time $11.42 support. The price has been repelled at this level for the past three weeks, so we assume the price is now looking at $11.42 as resistance. Based on this, we hope the price to persist in the downtrend going forward.

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Helium Price Prediction: How to Benefit from the Helium Coin?

HNT/USDT Weekly chart – GoCharting

At the time of writing this, the HNT price is sitting at $10.54. In the last 30 days, the HNT price has increased by almost +28.8%.

Next, as the helium price is peeking at the one-time $11.42 support as resistance, we expect that the HNT price will decline to the next support. This could be at around $4.63. Now users have two methods to profit from the Helium Coin path. First, they can now take a short position build-up and let it executed until the price hits the $4.63 support. As of now, they could make a profit of about 100%. On the other hand, they can also grow their investment in the Helium Coin or create new investments. One could slowly purchase coins up to $4.63 to get as good an entry point as possible. Over time, there is a chance that the coin will rise in the long term and users could make profits of over 200%!

At the end of 2021, the Helium price was able to achieve an ABC sequence that was already operating at the end of 2020. After the price touched the final mark of $42 – $50, the correction began. This correction could see an end last week. The helium price had touched the golden pocket of the ABC sequence and has thus, theoretically, revamped the whole gain. As a result, the price could be targeting more increased prices shortly, which it has already accomplished this week.


Prasanna Peshkar
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