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C³, Germany’s Largest Crypto Conference

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Germany’s first and largest conference for cryptocurrencies and blockchain offering keynotes, workshops and exhibitions to embrace the ecosystem of decentralization and cryptocurrencies.

Wednesday, February 21st 2018 – With the intention of bringing together leading crypto experts, investors, blockchain startups, lawyers, developers – everyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, C3 Crypto Conference GmbH will be organizing the Crypto Conference.

“There is a growing agreement among technology companies that the blockchain is essential to unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things.”

– Don Tapscott, Blockchain Revolution

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“Berlin is inviting the world to a hands-on experience engaging with the world’s top blockchain experts aiming to link the ecosystem,” said Dennis Weidner, CEO of Paranoid Internet and initiator of the C³ Crypto Conference.

This exhibition is open to all blockchain enthusiasts. When asked if beginners to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are encouraged to join this conference, Weidner gave an affirmative nod. “Everyone will enjoy it, from small-time traders to big investors and CEO’s”, he said. With the inclusion of ‘Getting Started’ sessions, attendees will be given tips on how to navigate the crypto world with ease. In the 2-day session, attendees will learn the basics such as ICOs, exchanges, Smart Contracts, etc.

For the more advanced blockchain aficionado, there will also be live trading sessions and speeches by some of the most prominent figures in the crypto world.

“It’s hard not to be fascinated by something so transformative. This technology is being used in ways that have implications for central banking that span all the functions that we have.”  – Carolyn Wilkin, Bank of Canada

Unique Keynotes
Blockchain Technology disrupts all major business fields and offers a new perspective to create an advanced society. For those of you attending the conference, you can expect topics ranging from “Taking Decentralized Technology Mainstream” to keynotes speeches like “ICO Success Factors: How to reach your Funding Goal”. There will also be workshops that provides the latest and wisest investment advice, such as the “Buy Low, Sell High: Investment Strategies for Crypto Portfolios” workshop.

Network with Blockchain Companies
Among the many speaker you will find the next generation blockchain companies presenting cutting edge technology. Dr. Yassin Hankir from savedroid created an AI that manages your crypto-investment in an intelligent way, Mike Matsumara founded the crypto-exchange Evercoin as well as Fabian Spielberger & Miriam Neubauer – founder of Catena Capital – will all present unique content to understand the current paradigm shift on the blockchain market.

The event will be a useful tool to personally introduce yourself to companies and apply for the highly coveted jobs. The C³ Conference provides a grand forum to network, exchange and gain knowledge: Meet companies such as SAP, SolarisBank and Savedroid, who are heavily investing into the new markets.

The C³ Crypto Conference will be held on the 5th and 6th of April at the STATION Berlin Convention Centre. According to Weidner, the event is intentionally held on a Thursday and a Friday so that attendees could stay until the weekend and enjoy an amazing time at the capital.

Tickets are currently on sale on ’s website, with various types of tickets designated to suit the needs of different attendees.  Early-bird tickets for the conference start from €299 for the “Startup” level all the way up to €1295 for the “Investor” level. If you only wish to visit the exhibition, it will cost you €29 for a one-day pass and €49 to attend both days. Furthermore, you will also receive a 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin or other altcoins.

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For more information, visit the official website here.

Paranoid Internet
Paranoid Internet – a multicultural consulting agency that has developed highly-successful companies in the UK, the USA, Germany and South America – is now organizing C³ in Berlin, hoping to reveal to the world innovative solutions and new technologies in the blockchain & crypto industry.

Dennis Weidner, CEO
C³ Crypto Conference GmbH
Friedrichstraße 123
10117 Berlin, Germany

Dennis Weidner (CEO)

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Below is a small preview of some of speakers who will be giving keynotes at the conference.

Dennis Weidner, CEO of Paranoid Internet

miko-matsumura evercoin
Mike Matsumara, Founder of crypto-exchange Evercoin

Peter_Grosskopf_CTO solarisbank
Peter Grosskopf, CTO at solarisBank

Fabian Spielberger Catena Capital
Fabian Spielberg, Founder Catena Capital

Yassin Hankir, CEO of savedroid

Philip Paetz, CTO at

matthew-schutte Holo Holochain
Matthew Schutte, Director of Communications at Holo

Find the impressive list of all speakers on their website.