XRP News: Ripple Spot XRP ETF Soon?

Ripple is making some interesting moves that have caught the attention of the crypto world. Let's take a look at this Spot XRP ETF soon.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

January 27, 2024 6:14 PM

XRP News: Ripple Spot XRP ETF Soon?

Ripple is making some interesting moves that have caught the attention of the crypto world. They’ve posted job openings, looking for skilled folks in decentralized finance. But here’s the twist – these hires seem to be focused on activities specifically for big institutional investors. Now, the rumor mill is buzzing, suggesting that Ripple might be thinking about getting into the world of XRP exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It’s like Ripple is gearing up for something big in the crypto payment game, and everyone is watching closely to see what unfolds. Let’s take a look at this Spot XRP ETF soon.

When can we expect the Spot XRP ETF?

Ripple is on the lookout for a Senior Manager for Business Development, specifically in the realm of Institutional DeFi. This exciting role is set to be based in London and falls under the umbrella of the ‘Ripple X’ team. Now, this team is in the thick of collaborating with big businesses and institutions to create solutions and real-world applications, all powered by the XRPL Ledger and its main digital asset, XRP.

The Senior Manager will be in the driver’s seat, steering initiatives related to cryptocurrency ETFs. Their job involves working closely with internal trading teams and key partners, all with the goal of making waves in the cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds space. It’s like Ripple is gearing up for some groundbreaking moves, and this role in London is right at the heart of it all. Exciting times ahead in the world of crypto and finance!

While Ripple’s recent hiring for a Senior Manager in Institutional DeFi hints at significant developments in the crypto space, including potential involvement in the creation of a Spot XRP ETF, concrete details and timelines remain uncertain. 

Ripple’s emphasis on Institutional DeFi and its collaboration with enterprises indicates a strategic move towards shaping the future of finance. 

The mention of driving initiatives related to cryptocurrency ETFs suggests Ripple’s interest in exploring this avenue. However, predicting a specific timeline for the introduction of a Spot XRP ETF would be speculative at this point. As Ripple actively works towards global financial equity and growth, it’s worth keeping a close eye on developments in this dynamic space for any announcements regarding the much-anticipated Spot XRP ETF.

The revelation of cryptocurrency ETF initiatives being a key responsibility for the senior manager position that Ripple is currently hiring has stirred bullish sentiments within the XRP community. Members are speculating about the possibility of the long-anticipated XRP ETF being “closer than imagined.” 

Notably, well-known Chinese reporter Colin Wu has weighed in, suggesting that the job posting from Ripple indicates the company’s preparation for applying for an XRP ETF. This speculation adds fuel to the ongoing excitement, with the XRP community eagerly awaiting further developments in the crypto ETF space.

Prasanna Peshkar
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Prasanna Peshkar

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