Will the Ethereum Fork Cause Another Bullrun?

Ethereum is about to encounter a decrease in issuance of new $ETH to miners from 3 ETH/block to 2 ETH/block, or a reduction of 33%. It will occur at block 7,080,000 as a component of the Constantinople hard fork, which […]

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

January 17, 2019 2:17 PM

Will the Ethereum Fork Cause Another Bullrun?

Ethereum is about to encounter a decrease in issuance of new $ETH to miners from 3 ETH/block to 2 ETH/block, or a reduction of 33%. It will occur at block 7,080,000 as a component of the Constantinople hard fork, which is expected to be January 16th. The question is will the Ethereum fork cause another Bullrun?

What are Cryptocurrency Forks?

Cryptocurrency forks are the changes in the protocol of the network or the conditions that transpire when two or more blocks have the same block height.

In other words, Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc can be forked. This means that it either generates two variants of a coin or updates one version. Cryptocurrency forks are the alterations in their current code and the algorithm of blockchain transaction occurring in a new copy of the previously existing network with some alterations. The new fork may supersede its ancestor or, depending on a state, exist on a coextending record.

ETH Hard Fork: What You Need to Know 

Out of the various future planned forks, these 3 are the most significant:

Constantinople is the title of Ethereum’s next hard fork system upgrade. It is a member of the multi-step course towards Serenity, which executes advanced rules such as Proof of Stake. On December 6th, 2018, the Ethereum core developers decided to continue with Constantinople, which will be realized at block 7,080,000. With a normal block time of ~14.5 seconds, that sets the expected date of the Constantinople hard fork at January 16th, 2019.

Hard fork means a currency split?

Not necessarily. There is no requirement to think much about this update as this fork will occur with the software upgrade, there will be remarkable adaptability quandaries, and the mining nodes demand to be modernized and improved. According to the official Consensys blog, Constantinople will combine 5 Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), which undertake a number of cost, speed, functionality, and miner concerns.

Right now, when a miner displaces at mining a block on the Ethereum network, they get 3 ETH as a prize. After the Constantinople hard fork, miners will get 2 ETH per block as a prize. This decrease from 3 ETH to 2 ETH is identified as the “Thirdening.” This is the second time in Ethereum’s life when block prizes have been decreased. The Byzantium hard fork in late 2017 decreased the prizes from 5 ETH to 3 ETH.

What will be the impact of this fork on the ETH Market?

The decline in stock in Ethereum can also raise the price of cryptocurrencies by altering the supply and demand analogy. This is because one of the modifications in the fork of Constantinople is EIP 1234, where the block award for mining is decreased from 3ETH to 2ETH. On the exterior, the benefits of miners will be significantly decreased.

The Ether price has been decreasing since the start of the summer. ETH has dropped from a high of $800 at the opening of May to an annual low of $172 last week: an 80% reduction in a four-month span. This has somewhat been because of lingering challenges with scalability as well as ICOs problems. Approximately 50 projects traded their Ether holdings in the month of July; statistics symbolize the quantity sold was worth as much as $400m at up-to-date prices.

Constantinople could help convert the descending course. Developing functionality will hold users on the network, moderately than jumping onto opposing platforms. Setting the grounds for significant updates, the Caspar protocol, as well as scalability foundation, will present the society Ethereum is changing and approaching contemporary endeavor circumstances.

The Chief Strategy Officer of ConsenSys Sam Cassatt tweeted:

When an asset's supply goes down (fewer miners selling newly-mined $ETH), assuming demand is the same (or higher), prices trend up. This is obvious when looking at $BTC price mapped against the #halvening, a similar event in $BTC where block reward halves, next one is May 2020.

Over past 3 months, request for $ETH for security on DeFi platforms $MKR, Compound Finance, etc was ~10,000 ETH per day. The fresh supply of ETH per day is ~19,000 ETH. The supply flow will soon be decreased to ~12,000. Expected demand for ETH will soon surpass natural supply.

The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted

IMO the Ethereum community should consider adopting @zcashco's terminology of calling things like Constantinople "network upgrades" and reserve "fork" for splits that leave 2+ viable chains. Too many people asking me lately where they can dump their non-Constantinople coins…

Hence, the decreased prize will change miners’ earnings in the short term, but in the long run, it will benefit to preserve the market and move up the price of Ether. In other words, the price will increase before the fork, and the price will decline after the fork because everyone’s agreement is that “the fork coin is the altcoin”, it will not be retained for a long time. This may be a great opportunity for traders to profit on the quandary.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any cryptocurrency. It is not a recommendation to trade. The crypto market is full of surprises and overhyped assets. Do your research before buying anything. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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