Why Traders Should Buy The Wojak Token

The Wojak token recently made a 2500% jump in the market. Find out in this article if you can still buy the token despite the jump.

Owotunse Adebayo

Owotunse Adebayo

October 12, 2021 6:33 PM

Why Traders Should Buy The Wojak Token

Wojak Finance token has been on numerous crypto news platforms because of its astronomical growth. The charity token operates on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and claims to be an open-source and well-coordinated platform. That said, the asset’s founders created it to help victims of the digital asset system.

Most crypto traders and investors understand that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile—making adequate knowledge crucial. But many people still end up getting rekt—a term cryptocurrency enthusiasts use to describe financial losses due to market volatility. Similarly, investors can get rekt for numerous reasons, such as inadequate market knowledge, investment decisions, and negative news.

The asset’s team got “Wojak” from a popular meme known in the digital asset community. Crypto enthusiasts use the memetic character when the market becomes negatively volatile, leading to value decline.

Despite the growing interest in digital assets, some still see cryptocurrencies as a scam. This necessitated Wojak’s financial school, aiming to help investors trade safely. Additionally, Wojak encourages investors to buy WOJ as it may become the platform’s governance token in the future. Consequently, the platform compensates Rekt traders for their loss while trading, earning the name “charity token.”

What Led To Wojak Token’s Recent Growth?

The newly released token managed to attract numerous retail investors. From the second week of its official release, Wojak Finance token recorded new highs. Traders from Asia and the Middle East showed a lot of enthusiasm towards the asset. The regions helped it gain momentum, leading to a price pump. Consequently, new investors bought into the charity token, pumping it by over 2500%.

After the pump, Wojak finance explained that the coin was not a conjecture but a utility token. The platform added that it would stabilize the market, but investors must understand the token before buying it. It’s common for digital traders to speculate on new assets and purchase them without adequate knowledge. This often leads to getting rekt due to volatility.

To achieve its hyper-deflationary feature, the development team claims to burn tokens. With token burning, assets generally become more valuable. Additionally, the official website explained that WOJ would grow in value when users increase transactions. It also revealed that when users donate or use the token, they will gain rewards.

Wojak Token’s Future Price Prediction


The $WOJ token has growth potentials. Currently trading at $0.062 after over 2500% growth, by January 2022, the price may move to around $0.065 if the market manages to stabilize. With a solid and bullish market, it could end up reaching as high as $0.075.

However, if it has a decline, then it may plummet to $0.050 but might not go lower than that. Generally, 2022 looks bullish for the project. By the end of 2022, the $WOJ token may attain $0.12 or average around $0.10 for most of 2022 with the right market conditions. By December 2022, $WOJ may be approximately $0.11, but if it faces declines, predictions show that it may move lower than $0.098.


By January 2023, $WOJ may trade at around $0.125 but move as high as $0.13 with the proper market structure. The lowest possible movement for $WOJ is predicted to be at $0.104. The month should record an average growth of 10%. For mid-2023, the token should trade at around $0.124 but could go as high as $0.13. By the end of 2023, the token is expected to reach $0.15 but may go as high as $0.18.


Prediction for Wojak by January is around $0.183. It could go as low as $0.167. With the right market structure, Wojak may go as high as $0.184, and the asset may record a 10% growth that month. By mid-2024, the token price should be around $0.16 and may go as low as $0.150. By the end of 2024, price prediction is at $0.20 but may be as high as $0.26.


By January, a possible price point for $WOJ is around $0.22 but may go as high as $0.26. The predicted lowest for that month is about $0.186, and it may experience a 15% price growth. By mid-2025, Wojak may be around $0.23 but could go as low as $0.213. At the end of 2025, it may reach a peak of $0.37 or trade as low as $0.30.

Should You Buy Wojak Token After The Pump?

Analyzing WOJ based on 2022’s price prediction, it looks like a good buy. The price prediction shows it may start the year on a strong note with an annual close in the $0.10 range. For 2023, the charity token looks promising, but there is a possibility of continuous falls mid-year. Still, it’s likely to close the year higher than it opened, making it a worthy buy.

In 2024, with the right conditions, the asset may open the year with $0.18 and may record higher gains at some point. Since Wojak plans to use the asset as a hedge against inflation, there may be token burning. This will likely cause the token to end the year within the $0.20 range. In 2025, predictions show that the coin may experience a massive pump, taking the price to the $0.30 range when the year ends.

$WOJ looks like a good buy even after the 2500% pump. However, it’s advisable to research and understand asset fundamentals before buying them. With that, you will prevent foreseeable losses while maximizing profits. Some key elements prospective investors should study are the use cases, background, and team handling upgrades. Market knowledge is crucial, primarily because of digital asset volatility.


Wojak finance token is an interesting token. The Wojak finance team created it to compensate people who lost money while investing in digital assets. The next four years’ predictions show that Wojak may attract new gains with the appropriate market structure despite the recent price growth.

Owotunse Adebayo
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