What Is League Of Kingdoms Crypto Game? Here’s How To Play It!

Play2Earn games are taking over the crypto sector. This article looks into the League Of Kingdom game and the future of the project.

Owotunse Adebayo

Owotunse Adebayo

April 17, 2022 1:37 PM

What Is League Of Kingdoms Crypto Game? Here’s How To Play It!

The use of blockchain technology has exploded recently, as the global need for a revolutionary system continues to be high. Apart from cryptocurrencies, the application of Blockchain technology is also dominating gaming. This is because blockchain is changing these games’ creation, management, and technological advancement. One of such games profiting off the technological advancement of blockchain is the League of Kingdoms.

What Is The League Of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is one of the world’s first blockchain Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy games. The development team aims to build a game universe where gamers can have fun together. Its development team consists of experienced game developers, designers, artists, and operators from industry-leading technology companies. They include; Chan Lee (CEO), Steve Hwang (CTO), Han Yoo (COO), and Chief Game Designer- Edgar Kim. Sean Moon and Felix Lee also serve the company as Chief Server Engineer and Chief Blockchain Engineer. The game is also the first 4x MMO strategic game and the world’s fastest-growing blockchain game.

It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and incorporates an NFT ecosystem consisting of in-game assets and properties. One of its NFT in-game assets includes its iconic Land NFT. Players can own this land, gather resources, and mint NFTs to sell. Apart from MMO, the game modes also include; Player-Vs-Environment (PVE), Player-Versus-Player (PVP), and Play-2-Earn (P2E). Therefore, gamers can build kingdoms, farm resources, fight monsters (PvE) and compete with enemy kingdoms (PvP) or alliances (MMO). The game is free-to-play, available on iOS, Android, and PC. Apart from catering to crypto enthusiasts, the game is also available for mainstream gamers. LOKA is the native and governance token of the game, spent as a currency in the gaming franchise.

How Does League Of Kingdoms Work?

Since launching in July 2020, the game has become one of the most played blockchain games. Statistically, more than 90,000 users globally currently play the game. Its 7-days retention rate is well above 30%, almost 400% higher than its other hardcore games competitors. Due to its diversity, bespoke game modes, and contents, the game attracts crypto enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. One unique feature of the game is that users can capitalize on their digital assets, skills, and play-time. The game also allows players to construct their kingdoms, join alliances, and compete against each other. Gamers compete against each other by participating in wars and championships. While boasting many activities, the game is dynamic, sophisticated, and very simple to play.

Key Highlights Of The Project

The Gameplay Modes Of League Of Kingdoms

Listed below are the various gameplay modes that exist in the game:

Single Play mode: Kingdom building

In this mode, individual gamers spend time building kingdoms, harvesting resources, and training soldiers on developing bespoke kingdom attributes. Gamers will have to construct buildings like farms, barracks, and quarries inside their kingdom. After that, they will need to invest time into the Academy, Alliance technology, and Mastery functions. These time and resource investment is made by developing new technologies. With the use of alliance technology, players can also improve their kingdoms. After that, they can now earn points to level up their lords and become more powerful. The final step in kingdom building involves training troops from the infantry, archery, and cavalry divisions. It is essential to train these troops intensely, as they are crucial to advancing the game.

PvE Mode: Farm and Hunt

In this mode, gamers march their troops to hunt various monsters inhabiting the continent and farms, gathering valuable resources. These resources are what gamers use to build their kingdom- a stronger one that is formidable. The primary harvested resources include food, wood, gold, crystals, and stone. Players can also hunt monsters to gather resources, earning themselves EXP. Possessing EXP helps players gain new mastery skills, which are crucial for competing.

PVP: Player Versus Player

This mode features exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination as players battle each other to protect resources and territories. In this war, players will have to ensure their troops are stronger and secure treasure items. In the future, the developers plan to improve the overall gaming experience of this mode.

MMO Mode: Alliance

This mode involves gamers teaming up to fight in alliance battles and earning real-time rewards. This is one of the most attractive modes of the game, as it increases gamers’ chances of winning significantly. An attack on one alliance player attacks the entire alliance in this mode. Players can also get rewards like gifts, lands, etc.

What Is The LOKA Token?

LOKA is the League of Kingdoms’ native governance and utility token. It is an ERC-20 token that doubles as the currency of the ecosystem used in purchasing in-game products, like skins, etc. The token’s use case involves it being an NFT booster to create, upgrade, and acquire unique NFT assets. Users can use LOKA tokens to make payments and purchase in-game items. Gamers can use the token to purchase NFT assets like Drago and Skin NFTs. LOKA’s use case are proposal and voting on on-chain governance to determine future policies, content, and game parameters. The token is also a reward for playing in-game competitions and achieving particular tasks. Gamers can also use LOKA tokens to mint and upgrade NFT assets. It has a circulating supply of 25,100,000 coins. It is available for purchase and trading on many DEXs and Exchanges, including Uniswap DEX, Binance, Coinbase,, and Phemex.

How To Buy The LOKA Token On Coinbase

To buy LOKA tokens, you will need to hold a cryptocurrency like Ethereum in your wallet. To do this, follow the three easy steps below:

Step 1: Setup A Coinbase Wallet

Setting up a Coinbase wallet involves downloading one or setting it up as a browser extension. The next thing to do after that is to choose a username. This allows other Coinbase Wallet users easily send you crypto. Also, you can keep the username private, but you will always need it to access the account. To complete this phase, you’ll also collect a recovery phrase that consists of 12 random words. Coinbase will never ask you for it. Unfortunately, if you lose it, you will not be able to access your wallet.

Step 2: Buy and transfer ETH to Your Wallet

To do this, you must first have a Coinbase account. This process is usually seamless and complete after supplying a few KYC details. You will also need to verify the information you provided. It is worth noting that only verified accounts will have access to the Coinbase trading platform. However, existing users will only need to log in to their accounts. Buying Ethereum is easy on Coinbase, and with either a bank transfer or a debit/credit card, the process is complete.

Step 3: Use Your ETH To Buy LOKA

After purchasing Ethereum, tap on the Trade tab on the homepage, where you can swap ETH for any ERC-20 compatible token. On the choose coin icon, select LOKA. Input the amount of ETH you’d like to exchange for LOKA. Remember to leave enough for transaction fees. Confirm your purchase and follow the instructions on the screen to finalize your purchase.

The Future Of League Of Kingdoms And The LOKA Token

According to its developers, 2022 will see the game witness more exciting upgrades to the delight of mainstream gamers. The developers plan to solidify a partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), PathDAO, MakerDAO, and Sandbox. According to their whitepaper, the game will launch its NFT marketplace, land reward hub, and PvP arena, among other updates. Next year and 2024, it also plans to launch an Esports and GameFi dashboard, among many other features. This will make the game more exciting and attractive, drawing more attention from more global users. On the other hand, it would improve its utility token’s market dominance and value.

LOKA remains a highly sought-after token, as its usefulness in its ecosystem is optimum. This is why its 24hour trading volume is now around $34 million, and its market cap is at about $1.4 billion. Unfortunately, it has fallen from its ATH of $5.37 it attained this month and trades around $2.79 at today’s prices. PricePrediction is optimistic about LOKA and predicts the token will end the year at $3.13. On the other hand, WalletInvestor believes the token is on a bullish run. The crypto analysts are optimistic about its future and see it hitting $9.895 by December 2022. While nothing is certain and crypto-assets remain volatile, only time will tell LOKA’s future.


League of Kingdoms is one of the world’s first blockchain Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy games. The game is also the first 4x MMO strategy game operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Apart from MMO, the game modes also include; Player-Vs-Environment (PVE), Player-Versus-Player (PVP), and Play-2-Earn (P2E). The native governance and utility token of the project is LOKA. The token is valuable, and crypto analysts believe it will bring investors colossal ROI.

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