Trade cryptocurrencies, forex & co. with TradeATF

TradeATF is a young CFD-broker that offers a huge amount of various assets in its assortment. Even though it was founded in 2019, the Cyprus-based company already has over 10.000 active users. In the following article, we’ll review if the […]

Jan Philipp Albrecht

Jan Philipp Albrecht

April 8, 2020 4:04 PM

Trade cryptocurrencies, forex & co. with TradeATF

TradeATF is a young CFD-broker that offers a huge amount of various assets in its assortment. Even though it was founded in 2019, the Cyprus-based company already has over 10.000 active users. In the following article, we’ll review if the platform is worth a sign-up or not.

Opening up an account

The process of opening up an account is designed pretty intuitively and easily. It requires only a few steps. As with the most reputable platform that offer financial services, KYC needs to be done at TradeATF. Therefore it is required to upload a few documents that verify your identity. After these documents get verified. you need to deposit at least €250 on your TradeATF account, to unlock further features. Then the trading can start.

At this broker, it is also possible to set up several accounts at the same time. A demo account also exists, but it is only usable after the registration process.

Deposit options offered

The broker accepts the following deposit methods: VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and, the traditional wire transfer. There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds. It needs to be said that the payment service providers might charge fees. The accepted currencies are EUR, USD, and GBP.

Traders should watch out for the inactivity fee, which needs to be paid when an account isn’t getting used over a month. The fees amount to €80 per month, but are only getting charged at day 61 of inactivity, but then retroactive (€180).

There is also a so-called swap fee, which traders pay when they leave positions open overnight. Swap fees can be positive as well as negative. The amount depends on the traded asset and varies from account type to account type (more information below).

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The different account types

At TradeATF, there are three different account types. Silver for beginners, gold for experienced traders and platinum for the advanced market participants. 


Like all other accounts, this account type contains over 700 assets. Because of the ESMA-requirements, the leverages aren’t very high (maximum of 30x), so high-risk trading isn’t possible. The trades are executed within 80 milliseconds. The tools are customized for beginners, so you can start trading without any distraction. With a minimum investment of €100, this account type can be chosen. The spread (difference between purchasing and selling price) at the trading pair EUR/USD lies at 2,2 pips. The margin call levels amount to 100% and 30%.


This account type is for experienced traders, who want more than what the silver tier has to offer. Like the silver account, a gold account can be opened up with a €100 deposit. The spread at the EUR/USD is with 1,3 pips lower, what reduces the trading fees. The execution speed for the trades lies at 50 milliseconds. It is possible to trade with a 400x leverage. The margin call levels are the same as the ones for silver, 100%, and 30%. At gold, it is also possible to secure the positions and to contact personal customer service. The discount on the swap fees is 25%.


The platinum account tier is designed for traders with higher investments and trading experience. The spread at the EUR/USD trading pair is only 0,7 pips. The execution speed lies at 30 milliseconds and the leverage can be 500x if you comply with the ESMA-requirements as a professional trader. All analysis and trading tools for optimized trading are unlocked at the platinum tier. The discount on the swap fee is 50%.

The following schedule shows the account-based spreads of the most traded assets.

The following table shows the account-based leverage of the specific asset.

The trading platform

Like many other brokers, TradeATF supports the popular trading client Metatrader 4 (MT4). MT4 gained its good reputation over time and offers a vast amount of features. There is a desktop version as well as a mobile application. A special feature of Metatrader 4 is the possibility of automated trading. In addition to the MT4, it is also possible to use the platform with the web interface.


TradeATF is based in Cyprus and underlies the supervision of the financial market authority CySEC. This organization ensures that the broker complies with EU standards. These standards include investor protection with a height of approximately €20.000.

Asset classes

By now, the online broker offers over 700 CFDs for 6 asset classes:

  • In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are CFDs for more than 30 cryptocurrencies
  • Users can trade over 50 different currency pairs from the forex market
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Metals
  • Commodities

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Customer service and education

The broker offers an extensive customer service and introduction into the world of trading with content in the form of texts, images, and videos. The offered materials are more detailed as from the other exchanges, which makes TradeATF interesting for beginners. The customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 9 pm MEZ via email, live chat or telephone.

About TradeATF

TradeATF is an online broker owned by Hoch Capital Limited, the parent company of the online broker iTrader. The head office is located in Cyprus and TradeATF underlies the regulation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). 

The main target of the platform is to offer traders a fast and easy to use trading software and high-quality access to a wide assortment of various financial instruments, containing cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, indices, and precious metals. 


  • The extensive customer service, available from Monday to Friday 9 am until 9 pm MEZ via telephone, live chat or email.
  • The broker operates a feeless platform without hidden costs. The company profits are generated with varying spreads
  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals
  • 3 different account types, suited for the traders level of experience, enable customized handling.
  • In addition to the web interface and the mobile application, TradeATF can be used with the popular trading client Metatrader 4.
  • There are a few depositing methods and accounts can also be set up with a small investment amount
  • Quite good regulation conditions, because of the head office being registered in Cyprus in the EU. 


  • Users should pay attention to the high inactivity fees. If one trades one time in 2 months, everything is fine. 
  • Swap fees for positions opened overnight

>>Click here to sign up at TradeATF<<


The Cyprus based broker has done pretty well for its young age. It offers an alternative to big brokers like eToro or Plus500. In some sections, like the customized account types, TradeATF even has advantages. Altogether it can be recommended.

As always, the investors should be aware of the risks coming with trading. The broker isn’t liable for losses coming through market volatilities. Click here to get to the disclaimer of TradeATF. 

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