Top 5 Altcoins With a Potential to Rise 50x After Ethereum’s Upgrade

Ethereum team getting ready for the big Dencun upgrade, this article talks about the top 5 altcoins that could give 50x profit

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

February 25, 2024 7:26 AM

Top 5 Altcoins With a Potential to Rise 50x After Ethereum’s Upgrade

So, with the Ethereum team getting ready for the big Dencun upgrade, which we’ve all been itching for, this article talks about the top 5 altcoins that could give 50x profit after this upgrade. 

Set to go down on March 13th, the Dencun upgrade is a major tweak aimed at making Ethereum smoother to use, more secure, and able to handle a ton more transactions. We have already covered what could be the impact of this Dencun upgrade on the Ethereum prices and also on the L2 solutions. 

Top 5 Altcoins

1. COTI Network (COTI)

COTI just dropped its V2 with this slick feature called ‘Garbled Circuits,’ and it’s turning heads for its groundbreaking privacy solution. This could totally change the game when it comes to keeping transactions private on the blockchain, like setting a whole new standard for how we do things.

COTI is basically saying, “Hey businesses, we’ve got your back!” They’re all about helping companies set up their own payment systems and make any currency digital, which can be a real time and money saver.

Think of it like this: COTI’s platform is designed to make decentralized payments a breeze, so it’s perfect for businesses, governments, app developers, and anyone dabbling in stablecoins. Plus, it’s one of the first of its kind, tailor-made for handling these kinds of transactions.

This platform makes it super easy for companies to create awesome fintech products while saving time, data, and money. With COTI Pay, you can handle all sorts of payments, online or offline. Whether you’re dealing with crypto, stablecoins, credit cards – you name it, they’ve got you covered. And guess what? They even throw in built-in financing, so you can earn some extra cash on your deposits and loans. Plus, it hooks you up with the white label payment network seamlessly. In the last one month the COTI price has increased by almost 320%.

2. Arbitrum (ARB)

Think of Arbitrum as a cool way to level up Ethereum’s speed and scalability. It’s like a booster pack for Ethereum, using optimistic rollups to make things faster and cheaper. Plus, it gets to piggyback on Ethereum’s security and compatibility, which is a huge bonus.

One of the best parts? Arbitrum can handle way more transactions and charge lower fees compared to Ethereum itself. How? By doing most of the heavy lifting off-chain, keeping things running smoothly while taking some pressure off Ethereum’s shoulders.

Now, get ready for the Dencun upgrade because it’s about to shake things up, especially for roll-up protocols like Arbitrum. This upgrade is all about making things smoother and cheaper. By making data storage and transaction processing more efficient, it’s giving roll-ups a serious boost in value for both developers and users. And you know what that means? It could lead to more folks jumping on board and bringing in more revenue.

3. Optimism (OP)

So, check it out: Optimism (OP) is like the cool kid on the Ethereum block. It’s a layer-two blockchain sitting right on top of Ethereum, taking advantage of Ethereum’s top-notch security. What it does is use optimistic rollups to help Ethereum grow and scale. Basically, transactions get recorded on Optimism first, but they’re ultimately locked in securely on Ethereum.

And Optimism’s no small fry. It’s one of Ethereum’s biggest scaling solutions, boasting over $896.21 million in total value locked (TVL). With a whopping 181 protocols hanging out there, big names like Synthetix (SNX), Uniswap (UNI), and Velodrome (VELO) call Optimism home.

Getting started on Optimism is pretty straightforward too. You just add the chain to your Metamask and bridge your tokens – like ETH – over to the L2. Easy peasy.

The Dencun upgrade is like a golden ticket for the L2 band. With the introduction of blob storage, it’s set to slash L2 transaction fees and boost throughput big time. This upgrade is basically gearing up L2 to go head-to-head with other Layer 1 solutions like Solana, but with lower costs and even better performance.

And you know what that means? It’s going to attract some top-notch projects and a whole bunch of users from these other ecosystems, making L2 a serious contender in the game.

4. Mantle (MNT)

Say hello to Mantle Network, the powerhouse behind scaling Ethereum to new heights. It’s the star player in the Mantle Ecosystem, and it’s all about making Ethereum bigger and better. 

What’s cool about Mantle Network is its compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This means it’s like a seamless extension of Ethereum itself. 

Now, here’s the techy bit: Mantle Network’s built on a modular architecture, breaking down transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into separate modules. This setup lets them upgrade each piece individually, so they’re always at the cutting edge of innovation. This one of the top 5 altcoins could skyrocket after the upgrade.

5. Metis (METIS)

Metis, the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling superhero on a mission to crack the blockchain trilemma. You know, that pesky problem where blockchains can’t seem to be decentralized, secure, and scalable all at once? Well, Metis is here to change that.

But that’s not all. Metis is also tackling Ethereum’s biggest headaches: speed, cost, and scalability. It’s like the ultimate problem solver for developers.

So, what’s its game plan? Metis is all about empowering developers to create and manage their existing dApps smoothly. Plus, it’s got their backs when it comes to launching new dApps. And here’s the kicker: it’s integrating the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) framework into its Layer 2 setup. This means it’s not just about moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 – it’s about paving the way for a whole new era of decentralized businesses and applications.

Metis is really laying down some solid foundations for a decentralized future with its decentralized sequencer and the hefty METIS Ecosystem Fund. This sets the stage for some exciting possibilities down the road, especially after the Dencun upgrade. Keep an eye on this one of the top 5 altcoins!

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