The Otherside Third Trip Review: What Happened?

Explore our recap of the Third Trip in the Otherside metaverse, featuring new tasks, 3D apes, and community teamwork in a unique digital journey.

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

March 2, 2024 11:50 AM

The Otherside Third Trip Review: What Happened?

The Otherside metaverse, a groundbreaking project by Yuga Labs, continues to evolve, providing immersive experiences through its Voyager’s Journey series. The latest installment, Otherside Trip 3, offered participants an unparalleled adventure into virtual realms, pushing the boundaries of digital exploration and community engagement.

Understanding Otherside and Its Trips

At its core, Otherside is more than a metaverse; it’s a dynamic universe where NFTs—Otherdeeds—play a pivotal role in interaction and land acquisition. The platform’s unique tech demonstrations, known as the Voyager’s Journey, allow users to explore and contribute to the ever-expanding Otherside landscape.

First and Second Trips Recap:

The very first event in April 2022 showed everyone the basics of this new digital world. The second event in March 2023 was even better. It had games and team activities, like a fun contest where teams collected blobs, led by well-known people in our community.

Third Trip’s New Dimensions:

The Third Trip was something else! It took us on a team journey with famous characters from Yuga Labs through different places. But, there were some issues like the game slowing down a lot, which made it hard for everyone, even those with the best computers.

This time, we couldn’t talk to each other in the game like before. So, we used Discord to chat and plan things. Our big goal was different too – we needed to take pictures of certain spots in the game and keep them in a Gallery. This was easier to do than the last time’s blob-collecting game.

Technical Hurdles and Community Spirit

The technical difficulties, particularly the lag, were notable, reflecting the challenges of scaling such an ambitious digital environment. However, the spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm remained undimmed, with groups organizing themselves to navigate and enjoy the virtual landscape.


The Third Trip into the Otherside metaverse was a mixed bag of breathtaking exploration and technical hiccups. While the lag and lack of voice chat were setbacks, the community’s engagement and the unique team-based objectives showcased the immense potential of collaborative virtual experiences. As Yuga Labs continues to refine and expand Otherside, the future of these digital expeditions remains bright and full of possibilities.

The Otherside Trip 3 may not have been flawless, but it was a testament to the evolving nature of the metaverse and the unyielding passion of its inhabitants. As we look forward to future trips, one thing is clear: the journey through Otherside is just beginning.

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