Is Staking Cryptos Good in Bear Markets? How to stake on Binance?

This article is all about staking cryptos in a bear market. Let's take a look. Is Staking Cryptos good in Bear Markets?

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

December 13, 2022 9:11 AM

Is Staking Cryptos Good in Bear Markets? How to stake on Binance?

In the economic world, some people pursue high-risk assets because they also give high returns. They also manage to combine those risky assets with secure ones, to reduce their risk. Conventionally, investors used to have saving accounts that gave them interests. In today’s financial world, developed countries’ interest rates average approximately 2% per year. You can ignore considering investing in risky countries that are either unethical, poor, or that have been sanctioned. This article is all about staking cryptos in a bear market. Let’s take a look.

What is Crypto Staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is the same thing investors do in the “conventional financial world”. Rather than locking money with banks, they lock money in a cryptocurrency wallet and make high profits. In favor, they partake in the function of a Proof-of-Staking dependant blockchain design. Various cryptos have distinct returns and maturities. In other words, Staking is the method of locking up cryptocurrency in the crypto wallet to make good profit and interest. This choice is considered an uncomplicated method to yield passive income with cryptocurrencies.

The advantages of staking are big, as it is a rewarding exercise if the consequence is as anticipated. Staking stays to be the most comfortable method to make passive income on crypto assets. The majority of blockchains propose yearly staking rewards of up to 20%. Due to how comfortable it is, it also needs no technical proficiency or market mastery. Unlike crypto mining, staking does not need any energy or power-based devices. Staking also includes investors backing a blockchain’s security and efficiency, which pledges long-term compensation in the future. Users can increase rewards by staking in a pool with low commission fees and a sound track record of validating abundance blocks.

Risk of Crypto Staking 

The following are some of the risks with crypto staking. These are:

However, some exchanges did demonstrate reliability to investors’ trust and trustworthy businesses. Users should always be on the alert for firms that listen to their clients, have excellent customer support, and are growing regularly. Binance is one of the examples of  respected exchanges. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to stake with Binance.

Staking Cryptos: How to Stake on Binance?

1- Sign in/Sign up to the Binance account

Binance – Sign up page

2- Next, simply go to Finance / Binance Earn tab

Finance/Earn tab

3- After that, scroll down to Fixed Terms and then click on Staking. Next, click on View More to see a list of staking options

Fixed Term Staking

4- Here, users will then see a list of staking options by cryptocurrency, est. APY, period, and the minimum amount to be locked. Now, click on the Stake button for the preferred crypto.

List of Staking options

5- Next, users will see a window opening with the option to input the preferred amount to stake, along with the final terms. Finally, click “Confirm Purchase” and everything is set!

Detailed View for Final Terms


Staking is an extremely profitable investment concept that generates high returns. Although it might appear appealing, investors are recommended to be mindful of the risks associated with this kind of investment, particularly the market volatility factor. Binance is a significantly fair exchange, and so far they established it to be worthy of their stature.

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