Shiba Inu Burn Rate Soars 300,000%: What’s Happening to SHIB?

Discover the latest on SHIB burn: Shiba Inu's burn rate soars 300,000%. Learn what this means for SHIB and its impact on the market.

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

November 11, 2023 11:00 AM

Shiba Inu Burn Rate Soars 300,000%: What’s Happening to SHIB?

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) community is witnessing an extraordinary event: a staggering 300,000% increase in the burn rate of their beloved meme coin. This dramatic surge has sparked curiosity and excitement. But what does it mean for SHIB and its holders?

Why Burn Shiba Inu?

Burning Shiba Inu, or permanently removing coins from circulation, is a strategy to reduce supply and potentially increase the value of the remaining coins. This tactic is often used to create scarcity, which can be appealing to investors as it might lead to price appreciation due to the reduced supply.

How to Burn Shiba Inu?

The most common way to burn SHIB is by sending them to a ‘dead’ wallet – a wallet address that is out of circulation. This method ensures that the coins cannot be used again, effectively reducing the circulating supply. For more detailed information, you can refer to Shiba Inu Docs

Impact of the Burn on Shiba Inu’s Market

The recent surge in SHIB’s burn rate could have significant implications for its market value. With a substantial amount of SHIB being removed from circulation, the scarcity effect might kick in, potentially driving up the price. However, market reactions can be unpredictable, and investors should tread cautiously.

Community’s Role in Shiba Inu’s Burn Rate

SHIB fans play a big part in burning the coin. When they use SHIB to buy things and some of it gets burned, it really helps increase the burn rate. This shows how people together can make a big difference in how SHIB grows.

Shiba Inu Burn Data:

  • Shiba Inu Supply: 410,662,442,514,105
  • Total Burnt from Initial Supply: 999,982,445,040,903
  • Max Total Supply: 589,337,557,485,894
  • Total Supply: 580,095,224,224,875
  • Circulating Supply: 9,242,333,261,019
  • Staked (xSHIB):
  • Burn Rate: 319323.41%▲
  • Last 24hrs Burn: 168,192,396 $SHIB

According to recent data from Shibburn tracker, the last 24 hours have seen a monumental 300,000% increase in SHIB’s burn rate, marking a significant moment in the coin’s history.


The recent 300,000% surge in Shiba Inu’s burn rate is a remarkable event in the cryptocurrency world. It highlights the impact of community-driven initiatives and strategic moves to influence a coin’s value and scarcity. As the SHIB community continues to rally around these burns, it remains to be seen how this will shape the future of Shiba Inu.

Kieth Rean Garcia
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Kieth Rean Garcia

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