The SEC Strikes Back: Will Crypto Exchanges Survive the Crackdown?

While cases against altcoins such as XRP Coin are still pending, the SEC is targeting cryptocurrency exchanges.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

April 19, 2023 4:04 AM

The SEC Strikes Back: Will Crypto Exchanges Survive the Crackdown?

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States has long been an adversary of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the authority has enormous power and can have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. While cases against altcoins such as XRP Coin are still pending, the SEC is targeting cryptocurrency exchanges. Will big crypto exchanges be defunct soon?

Why is the SEC cracking down on cryptocurrencies?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States is the world’s most powerful regulatory body. It is in charge of financial product regulation in the United States. Companies that sell so-called “securities” must register them with the SEC and adhere to an extensive set of rules.

Most cryptocurrencies, according to the SEC, are unregistered securities. As a result, the people behind many projects have been charged with illegal securities trading. However, this classification is usually defined in court, which is a time-consuming process. 

Why are cryptocurrency exchanges being targeted right now?

The cryptocurrencies mentioned are available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges. In recent weeks, the SEC has stated its intention to crack down on cryptocurrency trading. As a result, it acts in areas that are easier for them to clearly regulate. 

Coinbase was most recently a “victim” of these interventions. The SEC accuses the crypto exchange of distributing securities through the platform’s staking service. As a result, at the request of the SEC, Coinbase must shut down its staking service. The SEC can intervene faster through crypto exchanges than it can through crypto projects themselves.

Are crypto exchanges in danger?

The major cryptocurrency exchanges are being scrutinized, particularly in light of the FTX crash. The public has become more critical of the supervisory authorities and politicians. Politicians apply pressure to the SEC, which is now scrutinizing cryptocurrency exchanges. 

During the Corona crisis, the SEC’s processes stalled, and less attention was paid to cryptocurrency and crypto exchange regulations. However, the pressure on cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to rise in 2023. 

The era of large centralized crypto exchanges may be coming to an end. Cryptocurrencies may once again be purchased on decentralized exchanges in the future. This could even be a good thing for users.  

Crypto exchanges are facing increased scrutiny and regulatory pressure from government authorities around the world, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). While this doesn’t necessarily mean that crypto exchanges are in immediate danger, it does suggest that they will need to adapt to evolving regulations and compliance standards in order to remain operational in the long term. It’s important to stay informed about the latest developments and to use caution when investing in cryptocurrencies through these platforms.

In 2018, the SEC launched a series of enforcement actions against several ICOs, alleging that they violated securities laws by selling unregistered securities to investors. More recently, the SEC has signaled that it intends to crack down on crypto exchanges that offer trading in securities-like digital assets without registering as securities exchanges.

While these regulatory actions do not necessarily mean that crypto exchanges will be shut down, they do suggest that exchanges will need to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape if they hope to remain operational. This could mean implementing more rigorous compliance measures, restricting access to certain digital assets, or even shutting down operations in certain jurisdictions.

Ultimately, the future of crypto exchanges will depend on how they navigate these regulatory challenges and whether they can continue to provide a safe, reliable, and compliant platform for buying and selling digital assets.

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