Smart Yield Farming – Cross Chain Formation Fi Announces Polygon MATIC Launch

Polygon MATIC has gotten another feather in it's cap with Formation Fi introducing cross chain smart yield farming. How can you benefit?

Dennis Weidner

Dennis Weidner

May 28, 2021 12:24 PM

Smart Yield Farming – Cross Chain Formation Fi Announces Polygon MATIC Launch

Polygon MATIC ecosystem just keeps getting bigger every day. The most recent addition has been the Formation Fi – smart yield farming protocol. The protocol’s success can be attributed to wide compatibility with the existing Ethereum infrastructure and the benefits of L2 scaling. Formation Fi hasn’t launched entirely yet, but it seems to introduce a novel concept, so that yield farming participants don’t have to chase yield. Smart yield farming.

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Formation Fi is a cross-chain yield aggregation protocol and its team believes that the ability to continuously farm across multiple blockchains would be the highlight for the DeFi Summer 2.0. A sleek reference to the second iteration for a season, where all DeFi protocols rise in tandem. It last happened during the summer last year and the activity has dried up since. The crypto participants sure hope for another such season and the Formation Fi team thinks that its tech might help with its onset.

2/2 @FormationFi, the chain agnostic smart yield farming 2.0 protocol, will build a secret dark pool AMM on Polygon.

Get your first taste of Cross-Chain Pools and experience the new frontier.

On Polygon MATIC, Formation Fi will introduce a secret dark pool automated market maker (AMM), albeit with limited capacity. This will allow users to deposit MATIC tokens, to earn double or even triple-digit yields. It will be single-sided, so users will be protected against impermanent loss. They will receive rewards in both MATIC and FORM tokens – the native token for Formation Fi protocol. FORM token holders have profit sharing, governance, and access to exclusive farming pools right.

About Formation Fi on Polygon

Formation Fi is a cross-chain yield aggregator, which aims to to provide users risk/reward optimized yield farming opportunities across multiple blockchains, in a customizable plan type interface, based on risk preferences and. It will introduce the risk parity strategy, introduced first by hedge fund manager Ray Dalio for the stock market, and hedging risk by deploying capital in multiple uncorrelated assets. It plans to introduce four classes of farming strategies, represented by index coins of ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and FORM itself.

Dennis Weidner
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