INTO THE BLUE by Manta Network: The Comprehensive $MANTA Airdrop Guide

Manta Network has officially announced the commencement of the "Into the Blue" airdrop. Let's take a look at this MANTA airdrop guide

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

January 8, 2024 5:29 AM

INTO THE BLUE by Manta Network: The Comprehensive $MANTA Airdrop Guide

Manta Network has officially announced the commencement of the “Into the Blue” airdrop initiative, aiming to expedite the expansion of the Manta network. The retrospective timeframe for this airdrop spans the last three years. Long-term users and advocates of the Manta ecosystem are eligible to receive a total of 50 million MANTA tokens. These rewards are distributed across two categories, with 30 million allocated as airdrop rewards and an additional 20 million as bonuses from the “The Great Treasure Hunt” event. Let’s take a look at this MANTA airdrop guide in more detail.

Manta’s User-Centric Mission

Manta’s fundamental mission revolves around building for users. In alignment with this objective, “Into the Blue” aims to reward you and other dedicated long-term users and supporters of the complete Manta ecosystem. Expect an immediate airdrop of 50,000,000 $MANTA tokens, constituting 5% of the total supply.

“Into the Blue” is just one facet of the gratitude. Several other campaigns, such as the ongoing Manta New Paradigm event, are designed to express the project’s sincere appreciation for your unwavering support and participation. This event, too, offers a 5% reward in $MANTA tokens.

MANTA Airdrop Guide: Verify Your Wallet’s Eligibility

Now, you have the opportunity to confirm the eligibility of your wallets through the

 Into the Blue Program Breakdown

The benefits stemming from the Into the Blue initiative are categorized as follows:

1. Airdrop Rewards

   – Allocation: 30,000,000 $MANTA (3% of total supply)

   – Recipients: Supporters and users within the Manta ecosystem on both Manta Atlantic and Manta Pacific.

2. Airdrop Bonus Rewards — The Great Treasure Hunt

   – Allocation: 20,000,000 $MANTA (2% of total supply)

   – Description: Bonus rewards that can be acquired by supporters and users in the Manta ecosystem. Detailed information about The Great Treasure Hunt, including steps to claim your share of Airdrop Bonus Rewards, is provided below.

– The airdrop claim period spans a total of 180 days.

 MANTA Airdrop Guide: Airdrop Rewards Allocation

The distribution of the 30 million $MANTA tokens designated for Airdrop Rewards is segmented based on various activities, catering to distinct communities and users. These include participants on Manta Pacific, users on Manta Atlantic, and the broader general community.

Details regarding the allocation for each category and the corresponding eligibility criteria are provided below.

MANTA Airdrop Guide: Steps to Verify Airdrop Rewards Eligibility

To confirm your eligibility for airdrop rewards, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Airdrop Portal:

   – Go to

   – Log in using your Manta Pacific wallet and/or Polkadot wallet to assess whether your wallet address qualifies for the initial rewards. It’s important to note that while you can check your eligibility at this stage, claiming the Airdrop is not yet available.

2. Explore the Great Treasure Hunt:

   – While awaiting the ability to claim the Airdrop, engage in the Great Treasure Hunt. This exciting activity presents an opportunity to receive Airdrop Bonus Rewards.

3. Alternative Token Acquisition:

   – For addresses that do not meet the criteria for Airdrop Rewards, alternative avenues such as the New Paradigm campaign offer the chance to obtain $MANTA tokens through various activities.

Stay tuned for updates on the availability of Airdrop claims and explore additional opportunities to enhance your token holdings.

The Great Treasure Hunt: Airdrop Bonus Rewards

Embark on an exhilarating adventure within the vast Manta ecosystem, where your participation in diverse activities across the Pacific and Atlantic may have unknowingly led you to hidden treasures – the Mysterious Treasure Chests. Initiating your quest on the Great Treasure Hunt begins with obtaining one of these enigmatic chests.

Each Mysterious Treasure Chest conceals one of six treasures nestled within the Manta Pacific. While individually valuable, the culmination of all six treasures unveils the legendary Mystical Manta NFT. Acquiring any of the six NFTs contributes to the total 20 million $MANTA allocated for the Great Treasure Hunt campaign, with the Mystical Manta offering the most substantial share. The campaign is underway and will conclude with the commencement of the MANTA Token Claim period.

Upon discovering a treasure chest, you can promptly unlock its contents, revealing one of six distinct NFTs, each possessing a unique rarity. Keep track of your Treasure NFTs in the “My Treasure NFTs” section.

 About Each of the Six NFTs Found in Your Treasure Chest:

1. Mother of Pearl (Common):

   – Description: A captivating sight, the Mother of Pearl is believed to bring prosperity. Caution is advised; legend suggests prolonged gazing may induce madness.

2. Ralph’s Conch (Common):

   – Description: Once a symbol of power for a forgotten islander group, this conch now seeks a new master capable of commanding the oceans.

3. Cowry Shells (Rare):

   – Description: Formerly a currency standard, ancient civilizations collected and traded cowry shells for valuable goods and services.

4. Bronze Doubloons (Rare):

   – Description: Scattered across the Manta Pacific, Bronze Doubloons serve as a common currency among pirates for trading goods.

5. Megalodon’s Tooth (Legendary):

   – Description: Legends speak of the once mighty Megalodons that protected the mystical manta. When the manta vanished, so did the Megalodons.

6. Neptune’s Trident (Legendary):

   – Description: Considered the most potent weapon, Neptune’s Trident was used to communicate with the Mystical Manta. Its secrets remain elusive to mortals, but perhaps the Mysterious Fisherman has uncovered the key.

Attaining the Mystical Manta

If you’re fortunate enough to gather all six NFTs from the Treasure Chests, a legendary experience awaits as you combine them to craft the revered Mystical Manta NFT. Once an ordinary manta ray in oceanic realms, the Mystical Manta transcended to become an energy spirit, revealing itself only to those deemed truly worthy.

Alternate Paths to Acquiring Treasure Chest Items and the Mystical Manta

Given that Treasure Chest items and the Mystical Manta are NFTs, ownership of these treasures resides with you. The NFTs are seamlessly minted into your Manta Pacific wallet address, granting you the freedom to trade them with fellow community members. For those seeking additional NFTs to complement their collection, exploration of participating marketplaces within the Manta Pacific ecosystem, including Element and Pixel Realm, is encouraged.

About Manta Network

Manta Network stands as the modular blockchain designed for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Within this framework, Manta Pacific emerges as the modular Layer 2 ecosystem tailored for EVM-native ZK applications and dApps, prioritizing the delivery of optimal user experiences with minimal costs. Capitalizing on Manta’s Universal Circuits for ZK-as-a-Service and Celestia’s data availability for modularity, Manta Pacific establishes an ideal environment for ZK-enabled applications. Delve deeper into Manta Pacific’s offerings [here](#).

Manta Network was conceived by a team of seasoned founders hailing from esteemed institutions such as Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. The project has garnered investments from prominent web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital, and has flourished through participation in premier web3 accelerators like Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

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