Ordinals (ORDI) Price Surges by 500%: How High Will ORDI Price Go?

The burning question on everyone's mind now is: how high can the ORDI price go? Let's embark on an in-depth analysis

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

December 3, 2023 7:53 AM

Ordinals (ORDI) Price Surges by 500%: How High Will ORDI Price Go?

The crypto scene is buzzing with excitement as Ordinals (ORDI) takes the stage amid a significant market surge. Over the past month, ORDI Price has not just climbed but skyrocketed, boasting an impressive 500% increase. This surge has exceeded expectations, catching the attention of market observers who find themselves pleasantly surprised by the substantial rise in price and signs of robust growth. The burning question on everyone’s mind now is: how high can the ORDI price go? To unravel the mysteries behind this ascending trend, let’s embark on an in-depth analysis of Ordinals’ performance, akin to a Terra Classic price analysis, to uncover the driving forces behind this remarkable market feat.

Ordinals represent a systematic numbering system for satoshis, providing a means to monitor and transfer individual sats. These numerical designations, referred to as ordinal numbers, are assigned based on the order in which satoshis are mined and subsequently transferred from transaction inputs to outputs, adhering to a first-in-first-out principle. 

The “ordinals” derive their name from the inherent reliance on order in both the numbering and transfer schemes. Notably, arbitrary assets like NFTs, security tokens, accounts, or stablecoins can be linked to satoshis through the use of ordinal numbers, serving as stable identifiers. 

This open-source initiative, Ordinals, is actively developed on GitHub and comprises various components, including a BIP outlining the ordinal scheme, an index that interfaces with a Bitcoin Core node to track satoshi locations, a wallet enabling ordinal-aware transactions, a block explorer for interactive blockchain exploration, functionality for embedding satoshis with digital artifacts, and a comprehensive manual guiding users through the project.


How has the ORDI Price moved in recent days?

As of today, Ordinals is valued at $31.85, boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $2.65 billion, a market capitalization of $668.85 million, and a market dominance of 0.04%. Notably, the ORDI price has experienced a notable surge of 35.24% within the last 24 hours.

Reflecting on historical milestones, Ordinals achieved its pinnacle price on December 3, 2023, reaching an all-time high of $34.12. In contrast, its lowest recorded price, marked as n/a, saw Ordinals trading at its all-time low of $0.00. 

After its all-time high, the lowest price observed was $31.08 (cycle low), while the highest ORDI price since the last cycle low reached $32.36 (cycle high). The current sentiment surrounding Ordinals’ price prediction leans bullish, coinciding with a Fear & Greed Index registering at 73 (Greed).

With a circulating supply of 21.00 million ORDI out of a maximum supply of 21.00 million ORDI, Ordinals holds the top position in the Bitcoin (BRC20) Tokens sector based on market capitalization.


Why is ORDI Price Up?

The substantial 500% surge in ORDI token prices within the past 30 days can be primarily attributed to its recent listing on the prominent crypto exchange, Binance. Positioned as an emerging project under the “seed” tag, this listing not only provided increased visibility but also instilled a sense of confidence and interest among investors. 

The association with the widely recognized Bitcoin Ordinals protocol likely fueled the bullish sentiment, drawing attention to the potential inherent in this cryptocurrency. However, as the price has experienced such a rapid ascent, caution is warranted, and investors should closely monitor the market dynamics. 

The success of ORDI’s recent listing on Binance may continue to propel its value upward, but it is essential to remain vigilant for potential market corrections and assess the sustainability of this upward trend.


How high will the ORDI Price Go?

Examining the current market dynamics of Ordinals, several key indicators emerge. Firstly, the cryptocurrency is currently trading above its 200-day simple moving average, a signal often associated with positive momentum and a potential bullish trend. 

However, it’s crucial to note that despite 16 green days in the last 30 days, constituting a 53% positive trend, the asset is displaying signs of overbought conditions. This overbought status raises a cautionary flag, suggesting that a correction or pullback may be on the horizon. 

Furthermore, the absence of trading on trusted exchanges introduces an element of risk, as it may limit liquidity and expose investors to potential market manipulation. 

Given these factors, traders should exercise vigilance and closely monitor price movements, considering the likelihood of a retracement in the near term due to the overbought nature of the Ordinals. Additionally, efforts to diversify trading venues and enhance liquidity may contribute to a more stable and secure trading environment for this asset.

The widespread availability of Ordinals on 26 cryptocurrency exchanges, including major platforms like Binance and KuCoin, underscores broad market accessibility for investors. 

The high trading volume of $2.65 billion within the last 24 hours indicates robust market activity and liquidity for the cryptocurrency. This broad exchange support not only enhances the ease of trading but also contributes to the overall liquidity and price discovery process. 

However, such significant trading volumes may also attract heightened volatility and short-term fluctuations. As Ordinals continues to gain traction across various exchanges, investors should closely monitor market trends and developments. 

The market dynamics of ORDI contribute significantly to the prevailing bullish sentiment. The asset has consistently established higher lows, a pattern that typically foreshadows a breakout from the existing trendline, leading to the formation of a higher high. This pattern signals robust bullish momentum, serving as a crucial factor for traders to factor into their strategic planning.

The recent price movements observed on the 1-hour chart have proven advantageous for strategic traders. The confirmation of a trendline breakout presented an attractive entry point, effectively utilized by capitalizing on profits at the most recent swing high. 

This strategic plot underscores the importance of timely market entry and exit strategies, showcasing their pivotal role in maximizing returns in the vibrant terrain of cryptocurrency trading.

The price movement of ORDI maintains a distinct diagonal trendline on the 4-hour timeframe. To restore bullish momentum and establish dominance, ORDI must convincingly breach the resistance level at $20.775. A definitive confirmation of a breakout, accompanied by the emergence of a bullish engulfing candle, would serve as a compelling indication for potential long-entry opportunities.

The upcoming 30 days hold an intriguing outlook for Ordinals, as the price forecast is derived from an analysis of the prevailing positive/negative trends witnessed in the past month. Building upon these projections, it is anticipated that ORDI will undergo a noteworthy change, reaching $33.50 by December 10, 2023, reflecting a gain of 6.89%. This optimistic forecast aligns with the recent upward trajectory observed in the Ordinals market.

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