GAM3 Awards 2023: Celebrating Web3 Gaming’s Best

GAM3 Awards 2023 winners: Parallel, Shrapnel, Big Time, and others. Dive into the best of web3 gaming's innovative and exciting experiences.

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

December 20, 2023 12:49 PM

GAM3 Awards 2023: Celebrating Web3 Gaming’s Best

The GAM3 Awards 2023 celebrated the best in web3 gaming, highlighting the achievements of a wide array of games and creators. With over 450,000 votes cast, the event was a testament to the vibrant and growing community of gamers and developers in the web3 space.

Here are the list of Winners of GAM3 Awards 2023


Parallel is a unique blend of a strategy and card game set in a web3 gaming environment. It challenges players with its strategic gameplay mechanics, where decision-making and tactical planning are key. The game stands out for its innovative approach to combining card game elements with immersive strategy.

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Strategy Game
  • Best Card Game Parallel distinguished itself in multiple categories, showcasing its excellence in strategy and card gaming elements, ultimately earning the prestigious Game of the Year title.


Shrapnel is a blockchain-enabled first-person shooter (FPS) game that offers a moddable AAA gaming experience. Set in a high-stakes environment, players are tasked with finding and extracting valuable resources. The game is notable for its intense competitive gameplay and the ability for players to influence the game’s future roadmap through community-driven content.

  • Most Anticipated Game
  • Best Graphics Shrapnel, with its highly anticipated gameplay and stunning graphics, secured its place as a leader in the FPS genre within the web3 space.

Big Time

Big Time is an adventure RPG that offers a rich, immersive experience. It combines elements of adventure gaming with role-playing, allowing players to explore, battle, and collect treasures in a vast, dynamic world. The game is known for its engaging storyline and multiplayer features, providing a diverse gaming experience.

  • Best Adventure Game
  • Best RPG
  • Best Multiplayer Game Big Time emerged as a versatile winner, excelling in adventure, RPG, and multiplayer categories, reflecting its broad appeal and engaging gameplay.


Deadrop is a shooter game that provides an intense and skill-based gameplay experience. It’s designed for players who enjoy fast-paced, competitive shooting games. The game is known for its engaging mechanics and the ability to provide a thrilling esports experience.

  • Best Shooter Game
  • Best Esports Game Deadrop stood out in the competitive gaming scene, winning both the Best Shooter and Best Esports Game categories, highlighting its intense and skill-based gameplay.

My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan is developed by AMGI Studios and is set in the Interloop, an open-world experience within the Unreal Engine 5 metaverse. The game allows players to animate characters known as Hoolis using motion capture, blending animation with gaming. It’s a creative and interactive universe where players can explore and engage in various activities.

  • Best Action Game My Pet Hooligan claimed the Best Action Game award, offering a unique and creative experience in the web3 gaming world.

Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes is a real-time multiplayer third-person Battle Royale game. It brings nostalgia by combining action heroes from different eras into a single game. Players can collect and use figurines from their childhood, engaging in various game modes and missions. The game emphasizes fun, skill, and chaos in its gameplay.

  • Best Mobile Game Mighty Action Heroes won the Best Mobile Game category, providing an exciting and accessible battle royale experience on mobile platforms.


Pixels is a casual game that offers an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience for a wide range of players. It’s designed to be easy to pick up and play, making it suitable for both casual gamers and those looking for a light-hearted gaming session. The game’s simplicity and charm are its main attractions.

  • Best Casual Game Pixels captured the Best Casual Game award, appealing to a wide audience with its fun and easy-to-pick-up gameplay.

Champions Ascension

Champions Ascension is a fighting game that offers intense combat experiences. Players can choose from a variety of fighters, each with unique abilities and styles. The game focuses on skillful play and strategic combat, making it appealing to fans of the fighting game genre.

  • Best Fighting Game Champions Ascension emerged victorious in the Best Fighting Game category, offering intense and engaging combat experiences.

NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals is a game that combines elements of racing and sports. It’s designed for fans of the NFL, offering a unique gaming experience that blends sports simulation with competitive gameplay. The game allows players to engage in various sports-related challenges and competitions.

  • Best Racing / Sports Game NFL Rivals clinched the Best Racing / Sports Game award, skillfully combining sports elements with competitive gameplay.

Pirate Nation

Pirate Nation is an on-chain game that immerses players in a world of piracy and adventure. It utilizes blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience, allowing players to engage in battles, treasure hunts, and exploration in a pirate-themed world.

  • Best On-Chain Game Pirate Nation stood out as the Best On-Chain Game, showcasing innovative use of blockchain technology in gaming.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a space-themed game that offers a vast, open-world experience. Players can explore the universe, engage in space battles, and participate in various missions. The game is known for its impressive visuals and the depth of its space exploration elements.

  • People’s Choice Award Star Atlas received the People’s Choice Award, reflecting its strong popularity and community support.


Wildcard is a game that has gained recognition for its innovative gameplay and design. While specific details about its gameplay are less known, it has made a significant impact in the web3 gaming community, known for its engaging content and unique gaming experience.

  • Games’ Choice Award Wildcard was honored with the Games’ Choice Award, recognized for its excellence by fellow game creators.


The GAM3 Awards 2023 highlighted the incredible talent and innovation within the web3 gaming industry. Each winner, from Parallel to Wildcard, has contributed to the dynamic and evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, setting new standards and paving the way for future developments in this exciting field.

Kieth Rean Garcia
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Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth is an Article Writer, Digital Nomad, Web3 Enthusiast, and NFT Gamer, currently based in the Philippines. Actively involved in the blockchain space for 3 years, his work spans across writing and exploring the potentials of Web3 and NFTs.

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