Easy Guide – What is CryptantCrab NFT?

What is CryptantCrab? In this tutorial, we will unravel CryptantCrab, another crypto-kitty moment in the cryptoverse.

Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta

November 14, 2021 10:22 AM

Easy Guide – What is CryptantCrab NFT?

Hype, revolutionary tech, or a bubble, such words float around NFTs. Despite the fact, that technology has powered gamification of everything. You can register in play-to-earn games and win money. Axie Infinity is a revolution in South Asia. Or, you can create your own crabs and sell them as NFTs. That’s what CryptantCrab is doing. In this tutorial, we will unravel CryptantCrab, another crypto-kitty moment in the cryptoverse.

What is Cryptant Crab?

It is a game developed around crypto with an added spice of war among peers. In this game, you can breed your crabs with unique features. These features come in handy during the crab fight. Players have the discretion to train, mutate and challenge other crabs for a dynamic crab war. So, while breeding your crabs, you create a unique NFT. These NFTs are up for sales at AAM or within the game environment.

Types of Cryptant Crabs

In the cryptantcrab game, users have various choices to pick for their crabs. They have special powers imbibed through fire, earth, metal, spirit, and water. While making your own crab, users can pick these traits for their crab. The only point to notice is that all elements will be strong against two of its opponents. In this way, making the entire game a level playing environment for users.

How do the Crabs mutate?

Each crab has a feature to mutate one of its parts. The users have to use 1 cryptants for that. There’s a good 5% chance of mutating your crab into a rarity. If users are not able to do it on the first chance, they have a limit of 20%. Every attempt will increase 0.1% chance of mutating your crab. You can do the math of calculating the number of chances available. Xenografting is an effective way to mutate your crab, but it costs 5 cryptants. If the crab dies in the fight, its fossil is still usable to grant special bonuses to other crabs. Thus, other crabs gain extra power in the process.

How to Play Cryptant Crab?

Step 1

Visit the official website of cryptantcrab.

Step 2

Click on the menu button and check my crabs to see the collection.

Step 3

Switch off the pop-up blocker and turn off the brave shields while using Brave browser.

Step 4

A screen would appear asking you to connect with a cryptant crab.

Step 5

Once you select connect, it will highlight a confirmation box in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 6

Raise your crabs and send them to battle-field. 


AAM: Alternate Asset Market

NFT: Non-fungible Token

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