District One Airdrop Guide: Guide on How to Participate in the District One Airdrop Hunt?

This article outlines the simple steps to join the action and reap the benefits of the District One airdrop program.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

March 30, 2024 7:24 PM

District One Airdrop Guide: Guide on How to Participate in the District One Airdrop Hunt?

District One, the triumphant winner of the esteemed Blast Big Bang Competition, is extending its victory to the community through enticing airdrop prizes. By leveraging the $OLE token and Gems balance, participants can effortlessly earn rewards while actively engaging in Rallies. This article outlines the simple steps to join the action and reap the benefits of the District One airdrop program.

Participating in Rallies scheduled at specific times presents an opportunity to earn $OLE tokens without the need for any investment. These Rallies, held at 4am, 8pm, and 12pm UTC, reward active engagement with $OLE tokens, which can be seamlessly exchanged for ETH.

Simply registering for District One’s platform guarantees entry into the airdrop program, unlocking the potential for lucrative rewards.

Additionally, invitations to District One’s platform result in instantly tradable $OLE tokens, further enhancing the earning potential for participants.

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  1. Click the Provided Link: Access to initiate your journey with District One.
  2. Connect Your Twitter Account: Seamlessly integrate your Twitter account with the District One platform to enhance your experience.
  3. Link Your Account: Pay a nominal fee of 0.005 ETH to link your account, a proven worthwhile investment for many participants.

Efficiently bridge your assets to Blast Mainnet using platforms like Orbiter Finance, ensuring seamless integration with the Blast ecosystem.

  1. Withdraw ETH: Retrieve your ETH from leading exchanges preferably through the Arbitrum Chain.
  2. Bridge Your ETH: Utilize Orbiter Finance to bridge your ETH from the Arbitrum Chain to Blast Mainnet, facilitating smooth asset transition.

Participating in the DistrictOne Airdrop is both simple and rewarding. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Joining with the Provided Link: Visit to join the DistrictOne platform.
  2. Staking OLE Token as SOLE: Stake your OLE tokens as SOLE to become an active participant in the DistrictOne ecosystem. Learn more about staking OLE tokens here.
  3. Participating in Rallys: Engage in Rallys, which occur four times a day, offering the chance to claim rewards. Rallys open every two hours, and after 1 hour and 45 minutes, registration begins for a 15-minute window to decide which space to rally in. Act swiftly to maximize your chances of earning Gems, which directly correlate to higher Blast Gold and Airdrop rewards.
  4. Accumulate Gems for Higher Rewards: The more Gems you accumulate, the greater your chances of receiving higher Blast Gold and Airdrop rewards. Strategize and participate actively to maximize your earnings.

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Step-by-Step Guide: DistrictOne 

  • Visit the DistrictOne Airdrop Web3 App Platform: Begin your journey by accessing the DistrictOne Airdrop web3 app platform. Navigate to the designated website to kickstart the process.
  • Connect Your Wallet with Access Code “NZUEEB”: Once on the platform, connect your cryptocurrency wallet using the provided access code “NZUEEB”. This step ensures seamless integration with the DistrictOne ecosystem.
  • Connect Your Twitter Account: Enhance your participation by linking your Twitter account to the DistrictOne platform. Follow @DistrictOneIO to stay updated on the latest developments and announcements.
  • Join the Linkup Stealing Game: Engage in the Linkup Stealing Game by paying a nominal 0.005 ETH Blast fee. This fee is instantly converted to $OLE, granting you access to the game and its associated rewards.
  • Claim Your Initial Gems Airdrop Bag: Upon joining the Linkup Stealing Game, claim your initial Gems Airdrop bag. Additionally, share your Airdrop bag on X to boost its contents by an impressive 50%.
  • Explore DistrictOne: Immerse yourself in the DistrictOne platform and explore its various features. Participate in Money Games, invite friends to join, and unlock a plethora of opportunities to earn Gems, $OLE, and Blast Gold.

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By following these steps, your ETH is now seamlessly integrated into the Blast ecosystem, positioning you to reap the rewards offered by District One. As a bonus, active participation on District One not only earns $OLE rewards but also accumulates points on, translating into additional $BLAST airdrop rewards. Embrace this opportunity to earn rewards effortlessly while contributing to the vibrant District One community.

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