David Walters Interview – Founder of imusify

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In an exclusive interview with founder of imusify David Walters shares his motive for the project, where it finds a niche, how he got started in the tech industry, and a bit of his professional history that led him to the blockchain space and music. 

imusify – “Music Unchained”

imusify is built on the NEO blockchain and functions as both a music platform like SoundCloud or Bandcamp, and as second layer to these platforms. It builds on the model with increased incentives for listeners and creators. Its niche is built in the ability to integrate content from existing platforms for the financial benefits of the IMU token.

One of the major issues will be network speed to keep the music flowing.

1. New social music sharing and discovery platform with the best features from phase-out models, but the added smart contract capabilities of blockchain technology – “Smart music platform 2.0”

2. Integrated imusify token allows artists to immediately monetize their content through the smart contracts. They can also spend their $IMU to boost reach and distribute to fans, friends and family for more exposure.

3. Security and immutability features of blockchain to improve copyright protection giving artists total control over their content.

4. Network-Market effect for aspiring entrepreneurs and industry professionals to connect, communicate, share and do business.

David Walters

David considers himself a “serial entrepreneur.” He started his first business at age 16 building websites and has worked in the internet space ever since. The big thing he sees in blockchain technology is that it was born from the internet. Much of what the internet has done since its creation in the 90s is to convert existing mediums, habits and content to digital form.

Blockchain has reversed this movement. The difference is clear in issues like what is Bitcoin – currency or asset? Existing regulations are trying to pigeon-hole something truly new into antiquated categories, but many countries are working to grow with it.

David saw a major opportunity in the music industry where similar antiquated practices have been putting artists out of money. He formed imusify as a way to let artists keep more of their revenue, and this can also lead to reducing costs on the consumer end.

Blockchain technology opens up businesses to the world economy. David is exited to be involved in something that will make an impact worldwide