CryptoTicker strives to provide well written and correct content in every article.

We are hosting a VoR (Versions of Records) containing all major changes to an article. We publish corrections to the VoR, if there is a serious error, for example with regard to scientific accuracy, or if your reputation or that of the journal would be affected. We do not publish corrections that would not affect the article in a material way, nor significantly impair the reader’s understanding of the article.

What to do if you have found an error in any of CryptoTickers’ articles?

CryptoTicker welcomes complaints about errors that warrant corrections.

If you have identified an error in one of our articles, please review the guidelines below. If, after reading the guidelines, you believe a correction is necessary for an article, email us at info(at)cryptoticker(dot)io.

List of corrections we would agree to (not limited to!):

-A spelling error or factual error in the title

-Missing funding information

-Author name spelt incorrectly

-Affiliation, if this was incorrect at the time of submission

-Error in copyright line

-Amendment to tables, figures, and appendices, if the meaning is changed or an error introduced

-Error in the submitted, received, revised, or accepted dates

-Error in the article category heading

-Missing text or typographical error, if the meaning is changed or an error introduced

-Error in data

-Error in correspondence details

-Figure source, attribution, or permission information missing

-Poor figure quality

-Error in online-only supplemental data Examples of proposed changes we would decline include amendments to:

-Additional or updated citationsand references

-Affiliation, if this has changed since submission

-Text or typography (if the meaning is unchanged)

-Tables, figures, and appendices (if the meaning is unchanged)Acknowledgements

-Title, if an aesthetic change onlyIf we (our team) agree a correction is warrantedand needed, we will correct the error online, linking to a notice of correction. This will happen as soon as the correction is approved and you will receive an email confirming your suggestion(s).