Cardano Price Prediction: 5 Reasons To Invest in Cardano (ADA) Before Bitcoin Halving

Despite the speculative chatter of price drop, ADA stands firm in the market. Let's take a look at this Cardano price prediction article.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

January 31, 2024 2:32 PM

Cardano Price Prediction: 5 Reasons To Invest in Cardano (ADA) Before Bitcoin Halving

Despite the speculative chatter of price drop, ADA stands firm in the market. It proudly secures the eighth spot with a valuation surpassing $18.46 billion, well ahead of its closest rivals. For ADA to slip out of the top ten, a substantial chunk of its market cap would have to take a detour – a scenario that appears improbable considering its current robust standing and the strong support from its community. Let’s take a look at this Cardano price prediction article.

So, right now, Cardano (ADA) is doing its thing at $ 0.509294, and people have been trading it like hotcakes – around $766.10 million worth in the last 24 hours. The big shots at the market cap table say Cardano is worth a cool $ 17.22 billion, and it’s got its own little empire with a 1.04% market dominance. Now, in the past day, ADA took a bit of a dip, around -4.25%.

Back in September 2021, Cardano felt like a rockstar, hitting an all-time high of $ 3.10. But rewind to October 2017, it was in its awkward phase, touching an all-time low of $ 0.017354. After the peak, it had a chill moment at $ 0.234392 (cycle low), and when it felt fancy again, it reached $ 0.676958 (cycle high).

Investors are feeling kinda “bearish” about Cardano’s future prices, but the Fear & Greed Index is vibing at 60, leaning towards the greedy side.

Cardano’s got about 33.82 billion ADA coins out there, not the full 45 billion planned. In the Proof-of-Stake Coins sector, it’s at third place, and in the Layer 1 sector, it’s holding its own at number six by market cap. 

Cardano price prediction: What could be the impact of BTC Halving on the ADA price?

Looking into the Bitcoin halving history can be like reading the stars for Cardano’s potential bull run. Let’s rewind and peek into Cardano’s journey since the first Bitcoin halving.

Back in November 2012, when Bitcoin had its inaugural halving, Cardano was not there. Fast forward to the second Bitcoin halving in 2016, Cardano was still baking in the crypto oven, with its mainnet launching in September 2017. So, unfortunately, no data to compare at that point.

Now, the third Bitcoin halving hit in 2020. Cardano was up and running by then, and around March 2020, its price was hanging out at a modest $0.053. But here’s where it gets interesting – after the Bitcoin halving, it took a leap to $0.1. However, as of the last update, Cardano’s is trading around $0.5.

What’s the takeaway? Well, considering the history, Cardano might just be slipping on its bull run shoes. 

Even though Cardano and Bitcoin are different but equally iconic – the crypto market has this rhythmic, momentum-fueled dance that might just bring them together on the same stage.

So, Cardano could be taking a page from Bitcoin’s post-halving playbook. A jaw-dropping 298% rally, making Cardano’s price action hit its most parabolic groove yet.

It’s like the crypto cosmos aligning for Cardano, gearing up for a performance that could rival the best in the business. If this prediction hits the bullseye, Cardano’s about to bring some serious fireworks to the crypto stage! 

The upcoming halving is like adding rocket fuel to Cardano’s potential price surge because it’s not just about the halving – Cardano’s got some serious tech muscle and adoption vibes that already hint at a major breakthrough.

They’ve been busy in the lab with network upgrades, like the snazzy “Cardano Node 8.7.3” dropped just this month. It’s like giving Cardano a turbo boost, letting it handle a bunch of transactions every day at warp speed and with pocket-friendly fees. So, while the halving is the headline, Cardano’s tech and adoption game is setting the stage for a crypto spectacle.

Cardano isn’t just playing in the crypto sandbox; it’s gearing up for a heavyweight bout with the big players like Visa and Mastercard. It’s not just about competition; it’s doing it with an eco-friendly twist. Cardano’s Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus is like the Tesla of the blockchain world, sipping on way less energy compared to the Bitcoin guzzler. 

And that’s not all – Cardano’s been on a partnership spree, making friends with Dish Network, Beefchain, and World Mobile. These aren’t just handshakes; they’re bringing real-world action to Cardano’s blockchain. As more big names join the Cardano party, the demand for ADA (Cardano’s crypto token) is skyrocketing ready for launch.

So, with cutting-edge tech, a fan club of partnerships, and rock-solid fundamentals, Cardano’s gearing up for a crypto showstopper. The 2024 halving? That could be the moment when the curtain lifts on a spectacular upward surge. 

Cardano Price Prediction: 5 Reasons To Invest in ADA

Let’s break down the awesomeness of Cardano with some everyday examples:

1. Groundbreaking Design: 

Cardano didn’t take shortcuts; it was meticulously crafted from scratch. The team embraced evidence-based methods rooted in scientific philosophy and academic theory. Their mission? To rebuild trust in the global autonomy system, bringing forth a more secure, transparent, and sustainable approach to international business.

Imagine building a house. Cardano isn’t slapping bricks together; it’s using blueprints based on scientific research. Like an architect with a Ph.D., Cardano starts from scratch, ensuring every nook and cranny is designed for security, transparency, and sustainability.

2. Financial Inclusion Mission: 

The Cardano developers Initiatives are underway in various corners of the developing world, particularly in Africa. The partnership with World Mobile is a shining example, aiming to connect people to the web and spark new economies, giving the unbanked access to financial services.

Think about folks in a remote village without a bank. Cardano is the banker bringing financial services to their doorstep. With projects like World Mobile, it’s not just about connecting them to the web; it’s about sparking economies and empowering the unbanked.

3. DApp Stability: 

In the blockchain realm, Cardano isn’t just a spectator; it’s a game-changer for decentralized applications (DApps). Prioritizing security and scalability, Cardano brings stability to the DApps sector, ensuring it’s not just about innovation but also about robust functionality.

Picture the app store on your phone. Cardano isn’t just adding more apps; it’s making sure each one runs smoothly and securely. It’s like having a tech guru ensuring your favorite apps don’t crash and burn. 

4. Problem-Solving Approach:  

Functionality matters, and Cardano, as a third-generation cryptocurrency, takes on common challenges faced by layer-one blockchains. Their secret sauce? A problem-solving approach grounded in design principles and engineering best practices.

Consider a car that keeps breaking down. Cardano is the mechanic using top-notch design principles to fix those common issues. It’s not just patching things up; it’s revolutionizing the engine to make sure your crypto journey is smooth and worry-free.

5. Scaling Prowess with Hydra: 

Cardano’s early days might have seen it handling just a few transactions per second, but enter Hydra – a scaling solution that takes things to a whole new level. Operating as a layer-two solution, Hydra utilizes state channels to process transactions off-chain. The result? Cardano can now flex its muscles and process over a million transactions per second. Plus, they’ve set the stage for interoperability across networks. Talk about a blockchain power move!

Think of Cardano as a highway. In the early days, it was like a one-lane road; now, with Hydra, it’s a multi-lane expressway. It’s not just handling a few cars; it’s processing a whole fleet of transactions at lightning speed. It’s like going from a sleepy town road to a bustling city highway, all thanks to Cardano’s Hydra magic. 

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