Animoca Brands and Ubisoft: A New Era in Gaming

Animoca Brands & Ubisoft unite, blending classic & web3 gaming in Mocaverse. A major leap with Champions Tactics.

Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth Rean Garcia

November 27, 2023 11:43 AM

Animoca Brands and Ubisoft: A New Era in Gaming

In an exciting development for the gaming industry, Animoca Brands, a leader in web3, has partnered with Ubisoft, a renowned name in traditional video games. This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment, blending the expertise of Ubisoft with the innovative approach of Animoca Brands.

Ubisoft’s entry into web3 is led by “Champions Tactics,” a strategy game in development. This game is integral to the partnership, set to be integrated into Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse through the “Web3 Frequent Player Program.” This innovative program rewards players with Realm Points, redeemable for various in-game and real-life benefits.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with @Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab to amplify their #web3 initiatives through our flagship membership project @MocaverseNFT.

The Mocaverse, an ambitious project by Animoca Brands, aims to create an interoperable experience across its network of over 400 companies. This initiative focuses on web3 identity and social growth in culture and entertainment. Integrating “Champions Tactics” into this ecosystem marks a significant step, showcasing the potential of web3 to create immersive experiences.

This partnership reflects a shift in the gaming landscape. Previously, there was skepticism around blockchain and NFTs in gaming. However, developers like Ubisoft have adapted, focusing on creating versatile games for both web2 and web3 players. This inclusive approach allows players to choose their engagement level with the game.

The collaboration between Animoca Brands and Ubisoft is a testament to the evolving gaming industry. As web3 gaming grows, more collaborations like this are expected, bringing together traditional and new-age gaming elements. The integration of “Champions Tactics” into the Mocaverse is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting era for gamers.

In summary, the collaboration between Animoca Brands and Ubisoft is a significant event in the world of interactive entertainment. It combines the know-how of classic entertainment with cutting-edge online advancements. This partnership provides a peek into a future where entertainment is more connected and open to everyone, marking the start of a fresh chapter for enthusiasts globally.

Kieth Rean Garcia
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Kieth Rean Garcia

Kieth is an Article Writer, Digital Nomad, Web3 Enthusiast, and NFT Gamer, currently based in the Philippines. Actively involved in the blockchain space for 3 years, his work spans across writing and exploring the potentials of Web3 and NFTs.

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