Algorand Crypto: The Greenest Blockchain of the Future? – Everything you need to know!

Algorand crypto is deemed to be a "green" cryptocurrency that concentrates on sustainability. What makes cryptocurrency so special?

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

July 13, 2022 8:34 AM

Algorand Crypto: The Greenest Blockchain of the Future? – Everything you need to know!

The cryptocurrency market is presently one of the most promising as well as volatile markets. It contains countless projects focused on blockchain. Since Bitcoin’s sudden success, many people have used crypto technology to complete amazing ecosystems to help the growing industry. These networks come with special use cases, algorithms, and definitions. Likewise, many of these chains also have a native token. In this article, we will be looking into everything concerning Algorand crypto.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have constantly come under complaint in recent years because they are said to generate exceptionally high power consumption and are said to be dangerous for the environment. No matter how you feel about these charges, moving towards sustainability is particularly important in cryptocurrencies. Algorand is deemed to be a “green” cryptocurrency that concentrates on sustainability. What makes cryptocurrency so special? Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is Algorand Crypto?

According to its website, Algorand is a progressive cryptocurrency that works in the custom of networks like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. It calls itself the most decentralized, scalable, and safe blockchain.

The Algorand Foundation behind the project has established itself with the mission of fixing the so-called blockchain trilemma. Algorand desires to harmonize the characteristics of security, decentralization, and scalability. 

Likewise, Algorand aims to improve cryptocurrency utility by allowing users to complete transactions within a short time. In settling transactions, time is necessary. Users want a fast execution of commands, saving time and energy. Yet, because of the traffic on blockchains, most ecosystems, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, encounter sluggish and high-cost performance.

Algorand was launched back in 2017. The blockchain utilizes the Pure Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. This is a transformation of Proof-of-Stake and confirms that the network can accomplish the most elevated transaction speeds on the market. Algorand can be the motivation of decentralized applications as it delivers smart contract functions. ALGO is Algorand’s native token. 

Indeed, this platform intends to alter the status quo, specifically in the digital asset world. Algorand wishes to fetch specific modifications to optimize security and speed. One of the methods it intends to accomplish this is by circulating its native token to each block for people who hold some amount of the token in the wallet.

Also, the platform permits everyone to construct or create smart contracts. They can also build new assets with this quality. Additionally, the special feature drew numerous investors. In 2018, the project obtained $62 million from an investment group, allowing it to function on the protocol. With that said, Silvio Micali—a computer scientist and professor, built the impressive network in 2019. Micali is an academician, and this could have allowed the platform’s evolution.

What makes Algorand Crypto so special and how does it work?

Algorand optimizes processes by employing two layers on the network. One of the layers allows asset design, atomic swap, and decentralized applications. The network wishes to boost security, and it does this by taking up these elements in layer one, which is the network. It’s not unpredictable to see that many chains have beneficial and vulnerable functions in layer-1.

Also, the primary layer can push Algorand’s traditional assets, and they can be either fresh or old assets, relying on the user’s preference. It’s safe to say that smart contracts on the platform are also on layer-1, which should boost security. Security is important on all platforms, specifically with blockchain-based assets. Without adequate security, systems may become vulnerable, thereby threatening the network.

The layer-2 is for more extensive and more complex dApps and smart contracts. The partition averts applications from delaying the system—making it useful to process some of these tools in the second layer. Ideally, easy processes are on layer-1, allowing it to increase security while allowing the smooth functioning of the network.

Algorand generally utilizes less power than its rivals. It is an open-source network that is safe, speedy, and multifunctional. The users of the blockchain can be certain that Algorand is endurable in its functionality and does not harm the environment. Algorand is distinguishable from other blockchains that have increased power consumption and have their consensus mechanism. Proof-of-Stake is believed to be extremely more efficient and energy-efficient than Proof-of-Work, on which the Bitcoin blockchain is established. Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) is a type of Proof-of-Stake that ensures extremely high efficiency. 

What makes this Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) climate-friendly?

The Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) consensus mechanism does not depend on huge power consumption and can thus work in a climate-neutral manner. This wrench on PoS authorizes Algorand to enable efficient transactions while improving scalability.

The PPoS consensus functions on a special doctrine. Any user can become a block validator. But these validators are chosen erratically and privately for a specific period. The system is thoroughly decentralized as each user has an equivalent probability of being picked as a validator. Nobody knows who will become the subsequent block validator.

3) Algofi governance will enable community voting on the future of Algofi. The initial distribution will be made to Algofi LPs based on protocol activity and contribution. Algofi governors will vote on parameters, token emissions, and more.

More details to come soon!

PPoS annihilates the demand for energy-intensive mining, as any user who partakes in ALGO Token staking can become a validator. The discrepancy from other PoS techniques is that PPoS presents authentic decentralization. In traditional PoS, the richest validators have the most authority over the network. This is also where you get the most prizes. Algorand is unusual in that it has created a system with PPoS that is safe, scalable, decentralized, and sustainable. It integrates the safety of the network with the power of the majority of users. 

Algorand Crypto Staking and Why sustainability is important in blockchains?

Algorand’s staking is remarkable when you analogize it with other blockchains in the industry. For example, the network employs a new type of PPoS, which is pure proof-of-stake. This is a slight version of the standard protocol.

For instance, Algorand’s consensus permits users to partake in staking with just one ALGO token. Yet, for widespread assets like Ethereum, the conditions are more stringent. With this new consensus, the project expects to fulfill inclusivity, safety, and speed. 

Blockchain is a new technology. Yet, the technology has come a long way since the evolution of the Bitcoin blockchain in 2009. The adaptation of the blockchain in many domains of life has taken place in recent years. However, the prospect of blockchain technology is still massive. If the growth of the blockchain advances and continues to accelerate in the coming years, the blockchain could specify more and more dimensions of life at an ever-faster speed. It is hence extremely crucial to design efficient and sustainable blockchain technologies in order not to damage the environment in the long term. 

It is not only necessary that efficient, sustainable, and climate-friendly technologies are created. The use cases should also be publicized in the future to build a sustainable environment within the blockchain world. Algorand delivers some fantastic practices. 

The Green Blockchain Algorand?

MIT Professor Silvio Micali created the Algorand blockchain. From the very start, he was concerned about the environment and made sure to design a technology that does not damage the environment either directly or indirectly. He is also willing that Algorand also encourages sustainability and environmental sociability via its use cases and collaborations. 

One of these collaborations is the association with PlanetWatch. PlanetWatch is a blockchain network functioning to create cheap air quality sensors. It utilizes this system to gather and transfer historical and real-time air quality data. Another collaboration is with ClimateTrade. This is a blockchain marketplace for carbon balances. The firm is eager to track corporate carbon emissions by utilizing the blockchain. Clients can access a marketplace and neutralize their carbon footprint.

Can NFTs be minted on the Algorand blockchain?

Lately, more and more NFTs have been minted on the Algorand blockchain. Ethereum and Solana are nonetheless the blockchains on which most NFTs are established. Yet, Algorand is also being utilized more and more by designers of NFTs due to its cheap cost. Environmental cordiality is another significant plus and a notable selling point of Algorand. 

Should you invest in Algorand Crypto ALGO now?

ALGO/USD Weekly chart – GoCharting

If you care about sustainability and environmental friendliness in blockchains, Algorand is the project you should invest in. Cryptocurrencies are presently in a bear market. This indicates that the ALGO token can also be bought cheaply at the moment and can grow in price massively in the upcoming days. At the time of writing this, the ALGO price is sitting at $0.3039. Algorand is a blockchain, focusing on speed and security. It’s safe to say that these elements are important in a public chain to guarantee efficiency. Particularly with the scalability problems in this developing industry, this network may be an option for users who strive for a platform with more rapid transaction performance.

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