3 Lesser Known Cryptocurrencies That Could Explode in 2021

The cryptocurrency world is giving some of the most promising profit opportunities. This post is all about the 3 lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

Prasanna Peshkar

Prasanna Peshkar

November 4, 2021 6:42 AM

3 Lesser Known Cryptocurrencies That Could Explode in 2021

We all know that the cryptocurrency world is giving some of the most promising profit opportunities in 2021. This post is all about the 3 lesser known cryptocurrencies to buy before the masses. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

3 Lesser-Known Cryptocurrencies: Nano (NANO)

NANO/USD Weekly chart – TradingView

Nano is a cryptocurrency that promotes feeless and prompt transactions. It utilizes a completely diverse data structure and consensus algorithm than Bitcoin. Nano employs what’s named a block-lattice data structure where each Nano address has its personal blockchain. In Bitcoin, the consensus is controlled through Proof of Work. In Nano, the consensus is controlled through voting.

Nano is one of the lesser known cryptocurrencies that still has strong potential in the next few weeks. NANO currently ranks 122nd in terms of market capitalization. Nano gives an open source network with a fundamental blockchain. Yet, nano has the advantage of a so-called “block grid”. This indicates that users can add their own blockchain to the network. Then there is no match for adding blocks and consensus. This “block grid” can lead to the remarkably high scalability of nano. 

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3 Lesser-Known Cryptocurrencies: Qtum (QTUM)

QTUM/USD Weekly chart – TradingView

QTUM is a platform in the decentralized investment world that employs smart contracts. To verify transactions, the platform uses the Proof Of Stake consensus mechanism. This implies that node operators get pays for any transaction that they validate.

Qtum, uttered as Quantum, is currently at number 80 among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Still, Qtum is rising. It is a fast and secure blockchain platform. The Qtum platform attaches Bitcoin’s UTXO security protocol with Ethereum’s virtual machine.  Thanks to these technical improvements, Qtum has been able to secure numerous partners who are looking for a secure and extremely scalable blockchain in recent months. 

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3 Lesser-Known Cryptocurrencies: Kusama (KSM)

KSM/USD Weekly chart – TradingView

Kusama is a network based on the Polkadot. Kusama is one of the cryptocurrencies that crypto enthusiasts already aware. Yet, most investors will either have not heard the name or will not know its benefits. Kusama is the “little brother” of Polkadot.

Just like Polkadot, Kusama is an interoperable blockchain that could change the blockchain world by the concept of “parachains”. Blockchain networks can be connected within these prarachains. At the same time as Polkadot, various auctions are now running in November that auction slots for Parachains. This could massively increase the value of Kusama soon.

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