Die Woche der Kryptowährungen: ZEON +673 %, NavCoin DAO…

Top-Gewinner der Woche: Krypto-basierter Kreditdienst ZEON steigt 673 % Der Gewinner der Woche in Sachen Kursanstieg ist ZEON (ZEON) mit einem Plus von 673 %. So lag der Kurs am 22.02 noch bei 0.00011 $ und konnte auf bis zu […]

Jan Philipp Albrecht

Jan Philipp Albrecht

March 1, 2020 9:20 PM

Die Woche der Kryptowahrungen: ZEON +673 %, NavCoin DAO… is a new token that has received a great deal of attention in recent weeks. The token is created on blockchain technology and is designed for a wide range of purposes. In this article, we’ll look at in detail and describe how it works and FET price prediction.

What is

As 2022 slowly comes to a close, let us sit back and take a moment to reflect on all that we have achieved this year.

We're looking forward to the ride awaiting us in 2023 and hope you are too!#web3 #blockchain #AI is a decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based token. A group of researchers and engineers from the University of Cambridge developed the token in January 2019.’s goal is to create an open, decentralized platform that will enable people, companies, and devices to communicate and conduct business with one another.

How does work?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology are used in the currency to improve communication between humans, companies, and devices. This enables consumers to commercialize their data and resources, enhancing effectiveness and sustainability.

The “Autonomous Economic Agent” is a key element of (AEA). AEAs are blockchain-registered autonomous agents that enable user engagement. They can be assumed to as digital delegates of a business, product, or service. Users can exchange data and resources while keeping their privacy by using AEAs.

The coin’s applications

FET price prediction: FET/USD Weekly chart showing the price – GoCharting

The token can be used in a wide range of ways. In this direction, currencies facilitate transactions between customers and businesses without the participation of a third party. This means allowing for efficiency gains while improving capacity. Even so, the new currency not only provides opportunities for clients and businessmen but also allows optimizing the supply chain. can therefore enable communication between various actors while also ensuring transparency.

In general, currency can improve interactions, whether between people or machines. As a result, has limitless applications and is used in the monetization of data and resources, self-driving cars, energy management, and data administration.

FET price prediction: Will the FET price go up?

Prominently, is an interchain system based on the Cosmos SDK and artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain surroundings that enable users to create their own systems of autonomous economic agents within only one blockchain.

Although it was conceived in 2017 and started in March 2019, it has only recent times picked up steam due to its rapid expansion which started a week ago as a consequence of the crypto pump, but also to the group becoming informed of its functionality as an interchain bridge and its strive on Autonomy of Things (AoT), as it enters the company of next-level AI designers like the one that helped bring ChatGPT.

The FET token has lately been one of the better players in the market. Even in a market that is currently witnessing a 2.63% gain in value, the escalation in the cost of FETs has been nothing other than spectacular. FET has roughly doubled in the past week, making it among the best-performing investments on the market.

Fetch.developers AI’s made a big step forward relatively early this week when they revealed the availability of Jenesis, a command prompt tool for quick system and smart contract development. Per the developers, Jenesis would provide developers with summaries and keen insight into the CosmWasm environment without needing additional programming knowledge.

Conclusion – Can the coin revolutionize industries?

In conclusion, is an exciting token. It enhances interactions between people, businesses, and machines. Users can share data and resources while maintaining their privacy by using Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs). The token can also be used to facilitate transactions. However, how technology evolves in the future remains to be witnessed.

Nonetheless, can improve efficiency and sustainability in a variety of industries. This means that the token has the potential to truly revolutionize and permanently alter industries in the future. The coin’s performance over the last seven days speaks for itself, as it increased by more than 100%. As a result, could become an insider cherry on top for 2023, even though it still has a small market capitalization.

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Die Entwicklungsabteilung von Binance legt seit einiger Zeit ein extrem hohes Tempo vor. So auch in der letzten Woche. Es folgen die wichtigsten Entwicklungen:

  1. Die Liquidität des Binance Stablecoin (BUSD) steigt. Er ist nun gegen sieben FIAT-Währungen erhältlich. 
  2. Der build-your-own-exchange Service Binance Cloud wurde gelauncht. Er ermöglicht es Unternehmen und Nutzern eigens individualisierte Börsen mithilfe der Verwendung der Binance Infrastruktur und Technologie zu lancieren.
  3. Es ist nun möglich Kryptowährungen mit einer VISA Karte zu kaufen.
  4. Binance hat mithilfe von Epay ein Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Gateway integriert.
  5. Binance wird COTInetwork (COTI) listen.
  6. LISK (LSK) Staking ist nun verfügbar.
  7. Binance USD (BUSD) kann nun mit Simplex gekauft werden.
  8. Binance hat BUSD Margin Trading Paare für Ethereum Classic (ETC), Tron (TRX) und Cardano (ADA) hinzugefügt.
  9. Zero-fee Zahlungsmethoden für Krypto-Käufe mit EUR, GBP und AUD mit BanxaOfficial implementiert.
  10. Handelspaare mit BUSD für Algorand (ALGO), Bittorrent (BTT), TomoChain (TOMO), Monero (XMR) und Zcash (ZEC) wurden gelistet.
  11. Die WazirX Integration in Binance wurde fertiggestellt.
  12. Binance trat dem Shyft Netzwerk bei, um die Sicherstellung mit der Compliance der Financial Action Task Force (FATF) zu gewährleisten.
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