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redBUX: ICO for The Adult Entertainment Industry

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In an effort to facilitate the payment process when it comes to subscription-based virtual reality pornography, redBUX is creating a blockchain-based payment platform for the adult entertainment industry.

Aside from being featured on major online news outlets like Wallstreet Online and Business Punk, redBUX has over 6,000 partners from the adult entertainment industry like Wicked Pictures and vrXcity, who will fully integrate the new cryptocurrency into their marketplaces in the near future.

The company behind redBUX, me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH is a virtual reality and 3D design company that specializes in creating 3D representations of adult film stars. With their proprietary, specially-developed scan technology and leading 3D artists, they generate photorealistic 3D files and for digital processing and 3D figurines of real adult stars. Founded in 2014, the award-winning company has established partnerships with some of the biggest seed investors in Europe.

In the beginning of 2018, me.mento founded vrXcity, – the world‘s first interactive VR erotic platform for adults. On the site, users will be able to interact with lifelike, fully animated, artificially intelligent and naturally moving avatars of erotic stars. Since the site incorporates AI and machine learning technology in their system, users will be able to control the story and create any type of explicit content that they want.

Furthermore, the revolutionary VR technology that vrXcity boasts allows visitors to vrXcity to purchase their very own ‘rooms’ and invite other users into these virtual rooms to experience erotic, interactive content which they themselves personally created. As for adult film stars who want to feature their content on the site, the process is simple. After contacting vrXcity, all they have to do is get a 3D scan and they can sit back and relax, whilst receiving payments in the form of royalties – vrXcity will take care of the rest.

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But how do we establish a secure and immutable transaction platform on vrXcity?

Here’s when redBUX steps in.

What is redBUX?

 redBUX is designed as a utility token, based on the ERC20 standard, and will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the erotic world of vrXcity, as well as by six other big players in the erotic and porn industry. Through technical innovations and the use of blockchain technology, redBUX makes it possible to make payments within the VR world without having to remove the VR glasses or exit the 3D world. In its essence, the redBUX token provides the user with secure and anonymous access to erotic content.

Below are some facts for the upcoming redBUX ICO:

Source: redBUX ICO

Based on their cutting-edge blockchain solution which shares the payments between the content and service providers in real-time, redBUX is the cryptocurrency to make the decentralization of adult content possible.

The public redBUX token pre-sale will start at the 22nd of March 2018. Whitelisted users only will be able to participate in the pre-sale, which offers a 35% discount on the token price. Get whitelisted now.

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