ICO Marketing strategy with an Eye on PPC, Email, and Bounty Campaigns


If we liken an ICO marketing campaign to a game of football, it’s your ground game – tactical and strategic plays – that ultimately result in conversions. It’s not so much about launching a website – it’s domination of the field. It’s about maximization of your available resources and the persuasion of your stakeholders. Moreover, it is highly dependent upon the elimination of threats posed by your competition. While all of this is a tall order, successful ICO marketing campaigns use conventional marketing methodology and new-age techniques to create a strategy geared toward success, under the direction of an ICO marketing manager

ICO marketing campaigns require the synergistic collaboration of multi-pronged techniques and approaches. This collaborative method is dependent upon effective PR, PPC marketing, email marketing, community management, a concept known as a Bounty Program, and more. Strong leadership and focused management by an ICO marketing team ties this all neatly together.

ICO Marketing Resources

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) rank among the most popular investment options in the financial market. They are predicated on the blockchain technology, with a token-based business model. We are seeing a profusion of ICO businesses making their way to market, with more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies spread across over 9,400 markets. These numbers are continually expanding as a testament to the unprecedented growth in this burgeoning new sector.

For ICO marketing experts, the dynamism in the cryptocurrency arena does not allow for a lackadaisical approach. Effective modeling, marketing, research and insights are pivotal to the success of any campaign. To get things right, ICO marketing strategists utilize a wide range of ICO marketing tools, such as PPC, email marketing, and Bounty Programs. These are regarded as the trifecta of effective marketing resources, integral to every ICO marketing package.

PPC – Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are a highly effective way of reeling in bigger audiences to your token’s website. This becomes an effective means for generating leads as well as conversions (ICO investors). When done correctly, a PPC campaign generates substantial investment and significantly enhances support for your initiative. When developing your ICO marketing budget, decide how much you want to invest in PPC advertising.

Be advised that there is a ban on PPC ad marketing of cryptocurrency with Facebook. Google has also decided to ban any PPC ads related to cryptocurrencies starting from June 2018. Following in the same footsteps, Twitter will also ban all ads associated with cryptocurrencies within the next few weeks. This has nothing to do with cryptocurrency per se; it is targeting advertisers and impressionable users. These ads typically encourage relative novices to buy into cryptocurrency ICOs, even if they know nothing about these investments.

It must be remembered that cryptocurrency trading and investing is a specialized field that requires research, understanding, and analysis. Social media juggernauts like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are simply acting in the public’s interest by preventing PPC ICO marketing which is a high-risk endeavour, owing to the volatility in the markets. An ICO marketing expert can help you determine what platforms are appropriate to advertise your ICO.

Email marketing – Email marketing is essential to the success of ICO marketing campaigns. Various options currently exist for ICO and marketing purposes, including self-service email campaigns and managed email campaigns.

In the cryptocurrency arena, various categories are available, including ICO investors, cryptocurrency investors, venture capital investors, ICO companies, top 1,000 tech blogs, top 500 tech journalists, or private equity investors. Managed email campaigns are another alternative available to clients, whereby you simply input personal biographic information, the ICO start date, and the ICO end date. These email campaigns are highly effective at targeting thought leaders in the industry, for greater traction, adoption, and investment in your marketing campaign. An ICO marketing agency can advise you on how to incorporate email marketing into your plan.

Bounty Programs – Bounty Programs have gained traction in ICO marketing campaigns. As one might expect, ICO marketing strategies are geared towards maximum market penetration. This is how people are apprised of your coin offering in the upcoming ICO campaign. Social media marketing leads the way in Internet-based marketing, and that’s precisely why Bounty Programs are an intractable component of digital marketing. At its heart, a Bounty Program is akin to the rewards offered from online gaming programs. These incentive-based ICO marketing tools are provided by companies to attract donors, investors, and other stakeholders to the cryptocurrency offering. The cryptocurrency offers a reward to individuals in return for tasks that are performed.

It is unlikely that any successful ICO marketing plan does not have a Bounty Program up and running. Compensation is provided for a myriad of tasks, such as bug reporting, testing of the cryptocurrency framework, marketing the project, and suggesting improvements to the cryptocurrency’s platform. ICO marketing campaigns rely heavily on Bounty Programs, with pre-ICO bounty or post-ICO bounty options available. ICO marketing guidance can help you decide which Bounty Programs will work best for your company. There are multiple different types of Bounty Programs available through ICO marketing services, including bug reporting, translation campaigns, Bounty Programs for improvements to the cryptocurrency project, bounties for article writing for the cryptocurrency community, BitcoinTalk forum signature bounties, and social media campaign Bounty Programs. Each of these offers merit-based compensation to engaged stakeholders.

A rather unique concept is fast gaining traction in the cryptocurrency Bounty Program arena: Airdropping. This ICO marketing strategy is a blockchain project which distributes ‘free’ tokens or cryptocurrency coins to the community. However, the Airdropping initiative only takes place once the ICO marketing campaign has been successfully launched. Several Airdrop companies currently exist, and they are providing a novel service to adopters, investors, and traders.

Where to Implement These Cryptocurrency Tools and Resources?

There are multiple leading cryptocurrency platforms, such as BitcoinTalk, which serve as the gateway to the ‘crypto-verse’. ICO campaigns leverage the power of cryptocurrency platforms to their advantage. Thanks to the popularity of these platforms and other ICO marketing sites, many ICO campaigns are able to generate waves in the cryptocurrency community. These initiatives have a ripple effect across the crypto-ecosystem. Thanks to social media traction, greater adoption, investment, and interest are assured. There are many different types of investors in the ICO arena, including early adopters, financiers, business journalists, tech bloggers, general investors, and speculators. Publicity is key to gaining traction in this arena. There are several ICO marketing solutions that can be used to gain greater traction in the community, notably:

  • Podcasts, pictures, videos, and the like
  • Discord and Telegram chat applications
  • Meetups and cryptocurrency conferences
  • Press releases, interviews with thought leaders, Q&A analyses
  • Social media marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Creating discussion threads on Reddit’s thematic subreddits, such as r/icocrypto and r/ethtrader
  • Participating in Quora’s discussions focusing on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology
  • Creating discussions on Linkedin groups specializing in cryptocurrencies and ICOs

A company’s connectedness within the cryptocurrency community can generate much greater marketing pull with stakeholders. In fact, ICO marketing campaigns are more likely to succeed when the architects of these initiatives have inside connections with thought leaders, journalists, and stakeholders. The organic and paid options should be used interchangeably to ensure that the broadest possible coverage is achieved. The ICO marketing strategy relies on accurate analytics to be successful. It is imperative to know who reads the content, who is interested in investing in this new age technology, and what the prospects are likely to be. Promotion of ICO companies is best left to the experts at ICO marketing firms.

A failed pre-launch campaign can hamstring the company’s operations interminably. On the flip side, a well-run pre-ICO launch marketing campaign has exponential benefits. Thanks to PPC, email marketing, and Bounty Programs, a powerful set of resources is now available to maximize the chances of success for ICO marketing. The more pertinent knowledge stakeholders have of the token sale, the more likely they are to make informed decisions about investment opportunities. Spurious assertions and self-aggrandizement will not pass the litmus test in this extremely competitive investment milieu. A top-tier strategy and a clear ICO marketing checklist are the prerequisites to a successfully run marketing campaign.

For these reasons, and many others, ICO companies are turning to professional ICO marketing firms to promote their interests and provide the necessary ICO marketing support to prop up their campaigns. Exposure is pivotal to the smooth running of a pre-and post ICO campaign, and the more traction your token has in the media – the better. Successful PR campaigns are well-timed and highly coordinated. The synergistic functionality of multiple aspects of the marketing initiative is very important. In deciding which way to go, ICO companies must consider whether to use paid coverage or organic coverage. Once the media gets hold of a story that they like, there is no end to the benefits that will accrue!