Bitcoin Cash Kurs Prognose – wird es Bitcoin Cash jetzt schaffen?

Der Bitcoin Cash Kurs kämpft immer noch mit dem 0.382 Fib Niveau. Kann der Bitcoin Cash Kurs das Fib Level nun brechen? Bitcoin Cash Kurs Prognose – dritter Versuch, das 0.382 Fib Niveau zu brechen! Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen […]

Konstantin Kaiser

Konstantin Kaiser

May 26, 2020 11:54 AM

Bitcoin Cash Kurs Prognose – wird es Bitcoin Cash jetzt schaffen?
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A strange pattern has evolved in the vast and ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies that has fascinated both seasoned investors and curious newbies alike. Enter the world of meme coins, a distinct type of digital currency distinguished by its humorous nature, community-driven beginnings, and potential for stratospheric returns. This article delves into the enthralling phenomena of the meme money frenzy and sheds light on the top trending meme coins that have piqued the interest of investors. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

Dogecoin, the famous meme-based cryptocurrency, continues to prove its worth as a cryptocurrency investment. Glauber Contessoto, a former Dogecoin billionaire, recommends investing in joke currencies like Dogecoin when they have dropped by 80%-90% from their peak value. This suggestion expresses confidence in these currencies’ ability to rebound, even during a market slump.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is now ranked eighth in terms of market value, with a market cap above $10 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of roughly $183.7 million. Its current market value is $0.07206. In a recent development, Twitter’s newly hired CEO, Linda Yaccarino, has shown her support for Dogecoin by following its official Twitter account. This move has sparked intrigue among Dogecoin aficionados, since Yaccarino’s involvement may lead to the coin’s greater visibility and adoption on the social networking site. Reason why Doge is one of the top trending meme coins.

2. MILADY Meme Coin ($LADYS)

Milady Meme Coin, or LADYS, is a new digital currency that is creating waves in the cryptocurrency industry. LADYS, like other meme currencies, began as a toy cryptocurrency but has already achieved significant popularity and investment. Milady Meme Coin’s current trade price is $0.00000007293 as of May 20, 2023. However, it is vital to note that the coin’s value has dropped by 4% in the previous 24 hours, illustrating its volatility and the rapid variations it might endure.

LADYS’s future trajectory is now in uncertainty, owing mostly to the acts of one of its key players, DWF Labs. DWF Labs is a famous start-up identified as a large meme coin holder, holding a sizeable 30.7 trillion LADYS tokens, which equals around 3.5% of the total supply of this meme coin. According to Lookonchain statistics, DWF Labs recently moved 100,000 LADYS tokens worth about one cent to an OKX deposit address. This transaction is said to be a preparatory step before a possible coin sale.

Despite the possible consequence of a sell-off, the larger community seems unfazed, as seen by the coin’s recent price spike. This indicates that market players are now disregarding the probable ramifications of such a sell-off. Yet, this coin is one of the top trending meme coins.

3. RICK Coin 

Rick Coin is another meme coin that, like Pepe, might explode in the coming days. Rick Coin, unlike other meme currencies, distinguishes itself via its functionality. In an era where crypto derivatives trading is reaching new heights, centralized exchanges offer a risk, as demonstrated by the FTX debacle. Rick Coin’s decentralized leverage trading platform tries to address this issue.

Rick Coin’s platform offers several unique features, including the ability to leverage trades up to 100X and access numerous markets such as FX, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and key indexes. Users may pool their cash in USDT or BNB, which can then be borrowed by traders looking for leverage, earning the pool contributors interest on their holdings. Furthermore, the pool not only collects earnings from successful trades but also absorbs trader losses and liquidation events at an 80% margin.

The platform depends on Chainlink as a trusted source for price oracles to provide accurate and trustworthy pricing data. Furthermore, the whole protocol functions without the intervention of any centralized organization, with keepers managing the system’s operations bearing accountability.

Despite its tiny market value, Rick Coin has enormous development potential, especially when compared to the established and Binance-listed Pepe Coin. Rick Coin’s development potential is further strengthened by its introduction during a weak market, which creates prospects for untapped growth when overall market circumstances recover. The currency will make its debut on the well-known decentralized exchange PancakeSwap. Because of the cheap gas prices associated with the Binance Chain, PancakeSwap has emerged as a top platform for cryptocurrency trading and meme currencies.


SMURFS Coin ($SMURFS) is here to revolutionize and take over the meme world. SMURFS Coin is set to enchant the crypto market with its cute appeal, having already completed a discreet listing on Uniswap. Prepare to plunge into the next huge meme craze and see the emergence of the SMURFS! This article explains what Smurfs coins are and how to obtain them.

Diversification is essential in building a crypto portfolio that is both durable and lucrative. As the crypto industry evolves and new opportunities emerge, it is critical to investigate various projects and tokens that provide distinct advantages. SMURFS Coin ($SMURFS) stands out as a solid alternative to explore among these prospective additions. SMURFS Coin, with its thriving community based on memes, locked liquidity feature, and tax-free trading, presents an appealing prospect for investors looking to diversify their holdings.

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