Video: Holo announces the HoloPort that reinvents the internet

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“We took the idea of sharing of excess capacity from Lyft or Airbnb, and we applied it to web hosting. We structured it on microtransactions small enough for the bits being hosted and secured it with a blockchain level cryptography and cryptocurrency. Hello,Holo!” they announce in their press release.

Holo is a new platform built as a bridge from current web browsers to more resilient and empowering decentralized Holochain applications. Hosts on Holochain hold the data for the apps they use, and they get paid in cryptocurrency, Holo fuel, for supporting users who do not have their own hosting capacity.

Why are you doing a kickstarter campaign ?

We believe a distributed Internet must be funded by a wide spectrum of backers for it to best serve the diverse needs of our world. That is why we’ve chosen to not accept venture capital.
Our dedicated team has been working more than a decade (primarily as volunteers) to create a more resilient Internet that will work better for all of its citizens.
But we need your help to take it to the world! Your backing now enables the launch of a broad, secure, and user-ready network beginning in spring of 2018.
Buying a HoloPort will help create the stable, secure hosting foundation necessary for a distributed Internet in this new world.

What is the Holo Port?

The HoloPort is an easy and direct way to support the distributed Internet. Holo will use HoloPorts to provide a stable foundation for both distributed applications and personal data in the network to be hosted by the community, rather than by a corporation.

What is Holo fuel?

* A completely peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.
* Optimized for high speed and minimal fees.
* The currency that you earn for hosting, and then can redeem to pay your bills.
* Completely transparent and accountable crypto-accounting, operating by known and shared rules running on every host machine.

How is Holo fuel different?

* Mutual Credit: Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is not just tokens that certain people get to create from nothing.
* Asset-Backed: Holo is backed by the computing power of hosts like you across the globe.
* Value-Stable: The value of Holo fuel is connected to the computing capacity of the network of hosts. This capacity evolves and changes slowly and isn’t subject to huge spikes and crashes in the way that other speculative tokens are.

How can I use Holo fuel?

* Spend it through a variety of apps and online marketplaces.
* Redeem fuel earned by hosting for other currencies to pay your bills.
* Borrow it to pay for things, based on your proven hosting track record.

CryptoTicker Video Exclusive

When Holo launched their Indiegogo campaign reporter Alexis Papageorgiou engaged in an in-depth curiosity talk with Matthew Schutte, Director of Communications at Holo. In this interview we discuss the HoloPort, the differerence between Holo & Holochain, its mother Ceptr and how it will revolutionize the way we interact with apps.

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