Green Space Heater Mines Cryptocurrency

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Qarnot brings accessibility, style and built in multi-use to mining cryptocurrencies with a residential space heater that can be wall mounted, provides a wifi signal and turns the excess heat produced in the mining process into a quantified, trackable heat source.

Mining Heater Synergy

The mining process for cryptocurrencies requires continuous computing mechanisms that create heat with the high energy use it results in. Some enthusiasts have dedicated entire rooms to powering and maintaining the computer hardware to substantial income from cryptocurrencies.

High energy consumption has been used as one of the major pitfalls to an enduring use of cryptocurrencies, and has brought noticeable, positive and negative impact on communities.

Some people quickly found ways to utilize this heat in their home, instead of fighting against it as a disadvantage to the process. Qarnot’s new appliance model, the QC1, packages this home-brewed genius with style and user-friendly applications to give the average consumer an opportunity to generate additional income from cryptocurrencies.


The appliance is designed in line with typical contemporary furniture, beautifully blending the  obvious aspects of computer hardware with wood grain surface area and a sleek interface. The device overall can be controlled by a app that provides several other optional data sources from your home.

  • 2 GPUs: NITRO+ RADEON RX 580 8G 60 MH/s
  • Uses 650W
  • Noisless
  • Produces Wifi Signal
  • Wireless charging station


At current prices the unit would pay for itself in less than three years. However, it is totally uncertain how much more beneficial integration of home appliances and self-functioning technology can be looking three years in the future.

As countries around the world begin formulating their legal policies regarding cryptocurrencies, the most adoptive countries could look to devices like this for mass introduction to benefit their overall wealth.

As it is a brand new product, a young company, and a burgeoning field of consumer products, there will surely be competing products and vast improvements implemented within the next year.