Bitcoin ist tot – Ein Rückblick (Updated 2021)

Leider ist es nun endlich soweit. Bitcoin ist tot. CryptoTicker gibt einen Rückblick und lässt die guten alten Zeiten nochmal Revue passieren.

Dennis Weidner

Dennis Weidner

January 10, 2022 6:22 PM

Bitcoin ist tot – Ein Ruckblick (Updated 2021)


The rise and fall of bitcoin. Is it dead now? Anyone own any?

— Jesse Dylan (@jesse_dylan_) December 5, 2011


is #bitcoin dead already?it took me almost 5 hours to download the latest (full) long will it take in 1y? just doesnt scale 🙁

— maze (@maze_le) November 16, 2012


BMR went off today, this is the reason why the #bitcoin is dead. You can't buy anything with #bitcoins anymore. It's all over guys. $btc

— Desperate Trader (@DesperateTrader) December 6, 2013

Jesus, 1015 and falling, #Bitcoin is dead

— Jon Kingsley! (@JFKingsley) December 1, 2013


Well now that bitcoin is dead what the fuck am I going to do all day?

— Max Moyle (@MaxMoyle) September 18, 2014

BITCOIN IS DEAD…oh wait… yeah its definitely DEAD! cc @aantonop @KonradSGraf

— Luke (@ProfeLuke) February 28, 2014


Some people say, Bitcoin is dead, however #Bitcoin usage growth is exponential.

— Trezor (@Trezor) December 8, 2015

It's UP!

It's DOWN!

Bitcoin is dead!


…ho hum. Same rollercoaster, different day.

by Schizo-Vreni

— Andreas (BEWARE of giveaway scams!) (@aantonop) November 4, 2015

"bitcoin is definitely dead"
6 months ago price was $230 – this weeks its $320
how does nearly a 40% gain sound to you Commodity Traders ?

— The Bitcoin Rat Himself (one of the good guys) (@BitcoinRat) October 30, 2015

The three calls I've gotten from reporters this morning:

"Is it a bubble?"
"Is bitcoin dead?"
"Is the AM hack the end of the Internet?"

— Sam Altman (@sama) August 21, 2015


Bitcoin was dead one year ago. Today, it is near $1000 again, and above $15 billion market cap. Merry Christmas

— Jorge Ordovás (@joobid) December 27, 2016

Tech exec: 'Bitcoin is dead'

— Bitcoin (@Bitcoin) April 28, 2016

#Bitcoin #bitcoinart #Bitcoin Is Dead #lol #ForeverLive

— Pogie (@pogielicious) February 26, 2016


MSM coverage is going to push the latest Bitcoin bubble to amazing heights, at which point they'll gleefully cover the correction. This has happened before, and it will happen again… remember that the best time to buy BTC is when it's "dead!"

— Jameson Lopp (@lopp) December 12, 2017

The emotional cycle of a #Bitcoin skeptic- 1) Price drops or crashes: "See I told you, Bitcoin is dead." 2) Price sets new highs: "See I told you, Bitcoins are tulips." 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2.

— Felipe (@PhilCrypto77) December 3, 2017

I guess bitcoin is dead for good now. After all, it has no real applications, does not scale, and its value is based purely on greed.

— Oleg Andreev (@oleganza) November 29, 2017

bitcoin is only up 1513% from last year. Clearly dead.

— Ian DeMartino (@IanDeMartino) December 22, 2017


When someone tells you #bitcoin is dead, the only thing dying in that moment is their credibility.

— BTC Sessions

Bitcoin is actually dead.

— Hedge (@TheCryptoHedge) November 19, 2018


TFW Bitcoin is dead but you died inside a long time ago so nbd

Bitcoin dead. I’m out

— Alan Silbert (@alansilbert) November 25, 2019


Breaking: #Bitcoin is dead again!

— Captain ₿itcoin (@bitcoinisation) December 17, 2020




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