Video: Neufund – The Future Of Funding Ventures

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The number of Initial coin offerings investments is already four times bigger than traditional early stage venture capital. With the rise of cryptocurrencies the market for companies shares (not just tokens) is getting bigger. That does not mean that the work of VC will go away at the moment. It is still vital to have access to resources, connections and help for new startups. Merely the structure the structure will change significantly.

Neufund – The Future Of Funding Ventures

Neufund aims to do exactly that. Their goal is to “provide creators with the tools to fund their ventures by going directly to those who believe in their success”. That means blockchain companies as well as traditional companies.

Neufund just finished their ICBM (Initial Capital Building Mechanism) and collected over 12 million EUR in cryptocurrency. An ICBM differs from an ICO in ownership. In an ICO the investment goes to the blockchain company, where the investor gets a token in return. In an ICBM the company (in this case Neufund) has to control over the funds itself. The token

Interview With Blockchain Reporter Moritz Bierling

We wanted to know what is behind the new ways of funding startups? In this interview we learn about Neufund’s service, we talk about ICMB’s, the Neumark (Neufunds Token) and its plans for the upcoming months.

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