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Unlike many ICOs, Savedroid has been built to serve a clear purpose: helping people accessing the chaotic world of cryptcurrency.

It’s a well-established German start-up, with an amazing working product. Savedroid is the first ICO of a German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation to provide participants with the highest level of security and has TÜV approval. Since launch, in October 2016, it has already surpassed 200,000 downloads from different app-stores, which tells us how serious these guys are. More however, the team lead by Dr. Yassin Hankir, is focused in developing the most user friendly crypto interface, which will allow its users to simply convert savings into cryptocurrency and also spend it easily. The app has been rigged with brilliant AI and gamification technologies that are deeply connected to the ideals of Savedroid. Both will be explored to facilitate user experience and give the software another tool to learn from user behaviour.

Let’s quickly analyse the four main pillars of any ICO: product, team, purpose and community.


As mentioned above, Savedroid is a well-established app for its short lifespan. The core technology (ios; android) and infrastructure have been live for more than one year and the current average rating of the platform, by users, is 4.3 out of 5 (in the app-store). From a product perspective it surely is safer to invest in a tested and deployed product, rather than investing on a whitepaper only. The benefits of Savedroid are many:

  • a) Users are able to save money from daily purchases;
  • b) Users are able to convert earnings into different cryptocurrencies;
  • c) Users are able to spend cryptocurrency;
  • d) User feedback is constantly monetarized and used to teach the app on how to improve;
  • e) Gamification features improve ease of use for the average non-tech user;
  • f) Instant transfers with low fees;


The core team clearly has experience in product development and business. They promote many different experienced people from different backgrounds like data science to mobile development and marketing. I advise you to check their team more in depth. Key members are:

– Dr. Yassin Hankir, founder and CEO; According to his Linkedin profile, Yassin is a FinTech entrepreneur and enthusiast. He initiated savedroid, is co-host of the FinTech Meetup Frankfurt and used to be a co-founder of the robo-advisor vaamo. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, Inc. for four years. During his consulting job, his focus was on retail and private banking, especially growth strategies, product development and implementation, as well as marketing and distribution. Yassin completed his master in Economics and his Ph.D. in Finance at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Germany.

– Marco Trautman, founder and COO; According to his Linkedin profile, Marco is a strategy and banking IT professional. Before co-founding Savedroid, Marco has already developed and launched digital business models and products at McKinsey & Company Inc. as a management consultant. Through his time as project manager at Accenture, Marco proved deep expertise in implementing technology projects. Marco graduated from EBS University, Germany as M.Sc. in Business Administration and from University of Pittsburgh, USA as M.Sc. in Management of Information Systems. As a student, he already gained his first experience as an entrepreneur by founding an IT consulting partnership specialized in real estate valuations.

– Tobias Zander, founder and CTO; According to his Linkedin profile, Tobias is an entrepreneur and CTO. Previously, he was well regarded as a freelancer and the CTO of Sitewards, an e- commerce specialist in Frankfurt/Germany. He has built up development teams that thrive at the cutting edge of web development. With passion to inspire people, he takes part in and speaks at conferences worldwide. He also publishes articles in a wide range of magazines, several blogs and has written books about web security.

Also, it’s important to mention the platform’s main code pusher (according to github): Miguel Vaz.


The purpose of the Savedroid token, or SVD, is to serve two different goals:

  1. Utility: tokens can be spent in the platform to purchase different in-app services and enjoy advanced features.
  2. Value: due to the deflationary nature of the token (tokens used in purchases will be burned, decreasing the total supply), we can expect its value to increase.

The Savedroid team has put a tremendous effort in explaining SVD’s utility function, which clearly shows the token will be a central piece for the platform. Plus, being an ERC20 token, SVD will be easily traded in the ethereum network. Both factors are key for user acceptance and an increase in demand. Token distribution is another point in favour of the team, as more than 50% of the 10 billion tokens will be assigned to ICO investors, being unsold tokens burned too.


Savedroid has a huge community. Their pre-sale sold out in 7 hours, which shows how committed are investors to the project. Besides, if you look at partners you can see names like Their network of advisers is also incredible strong in blockchain development and cryptocurrency investment, which are huge incentives for the project have a very positive outcome. (Well, at least for me)

I would advise you to check other sources like IcoBench, specialized in rating ICOs.

–Disclaimer: sponsored content. I have not invested in Savedroid, but will do so during the ICO–

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