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John McAfee has been appointed as the new CEO of Luxcore (LUX), a blockchain solution and service firm. John is a security specialist and a cryptocurrency expert (do I need to tell you that?).

McAfee Appointment Likely to Stimulate Growth

The appointment of McAfee is part of the company strategies to streamline and stimulate the growth of cryptocurrency Lux Coin.  Luxcore is a blockchain company that creates and develops enterprise-ready security and privacy products.

In a statement, the firm stated:

“We are glad to announce the appointment of @OfficialMcAfee as the new CEO of Luxcore! The nomination of John is part of a massive personal reorganization intended to push notable and rapid business growth for $lux. This is the beginning of the #NEWERA.”

After the appointment, the new CEO said:

“I agree to be the new CEO of Luxcore. They have worked extraordinarily hard behind the scenes. Soon, we will announce the latest blockchain features that we have all been waiting for. Still, I will lead the McAfee on its discovery journey.”

Over the past few months, John McAfee has been vocal about cryptocurrency. He has been advocating for the adoption of cryptocurrency. For this reason, McAfee has gained thousands of followers. When John begins his CEO work, Luxcore is expected to be an unmatched product.

Luxcore added that the firm is expanding its innovation on PHI2algorithm powered by blockchain to develop and manifest core product offerings.

The open-source blockchain token of value, Lux Coin & the enterprise consumer-focused, closed source products like LuxGate and Parallel Master nodes are some of these products.

The ultimate goal of Luxcore is to fulfill the gap between consumers and enterprises. It will achieve this using specific product use-cases designed for each. This will result in blockchain usage going mainstream which was the primary goal of Luxcore.

McAfee, Price Prediction Still Stands

John McAfee, like other experts, has given his prediction on cryptocurrency over the past few months. Despite the recent market fall, he confirmed that his prediction still stands.

He said that in 18 months’ time if his prediction fails, then his prediction will be shit. 18-months are considered the minimum long-term investment. He is one of the wealthiest men on earth because he buys everything he recommends. He concluded that his yacht and $400,000 ride were all acquired from his winnings.

McAfee unhackable wallet hacked again.

BitFi, John McAfee’s cryptocurrency wallet has been allegedly hacked. This comes after John claimed that his wallet is unhackable.

Researchers successfully send signed transactions with the device after cracking Bitfi wallet to play the game of DOOM. With these findings, they believe they have fulfilled the $10,000 bug bounty of Bitfi. In fact, on the first page of the wallet’s website, it’s difficult to skip words ascribed to the firm’s chairman, John McAfee:

“The first ever unhackable hardware wallet to store other digital assets and cryptocurrencies.”

However, the security of Bitfi wallet was severely compromised. According to a media outlet, the team of security experts at Pen test Partners sent the transactions through Bitfi wallet by fulfilling the vital need for the bounty system.

“Well, that’s a transaction made with a MitMed Bitfi, with the phrase and seed being sent to a remote machine,” Andrew Tierney, a security consultant at Pen Test Partners, wrote on Twitter. “That sounds a lot like Bounty 2 to me.”

John McAfee has been a longtime advocate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has announced that he will stand for the presidential seat of the United States. He is doing this for the betterment of cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay.

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