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Hypd is reforming the world of security tokens and traditional marketing by offering dividend payout and a next level ambassador software that allows brands to create highly methodical and legitimate marketing through their fans. Hypd was founded in 2016 by former event organizers Florian Eckelmann, Siamak Ghofrani, MIcrosoft’s Farooq Haider and strategic partner Fabian Thylmann.

What is Hypd?

Hypd believes in the process of actively influencing and encouraging organic word of mouth discussion about a brand, organization, resource or event. It is an ambassador app that enables fans to boost or promote their favorite brands in exchange for rewards.

Fans are rewarded with complete elements like meet and greets, limited edition merchandise or discounts when they get involved with or support the brands they follow or love. The impact of this activity on brands is tremendous because this activity is an authentic marketing which gives a major increase in reach and sales through their fans’ recommendations to their peers or subordinates. This world is a world of influencer marketing and Hypd enables brands to convert their own fan base to nano-influencers to achieve better results at lower cost.

Explain Hypd Like I’m Five

In short, a company has fans, fans tell their friends, friends become fans and to oil the wheels fans get incentives. The following image is showing us its details:

hypd fans
Fans Are The Best Influencers

Hypd Product

The great thing about Hypd is that it has two distinct dashboards. One for ambassadors and the other for brands. The brand dashboard allows companies to establish their campaign and closely monitor their results while the other dashboard can be used by ambassadors to gather points, submit their activities and retrieve points for brand associated awards. These actions aim to:

  • Increase reach by creating user-generated content. This user created content can be created as per some specific standards or sharing post created by the brand.
  • Expand or or increase growth by integrating their ambassadors into the sales process and allowing them to share personalized, attached links with their friends to promote specific products.

On the basis of experience and discounts, products are classified as physical and digital products. If the action is successful then the brand decides the point reward for each and every action. After finishing this process, brand invites their fans to join their brand ambassadors program. After this, the Fan accepts the invitation link and either logs in with their current account login credentials or creates a new account to join the program.

Now by using their dashboard, the fans can now perform the actions set up by the brand owner and share them on their social media profiles. After its successful execution, Hypd software tracks all the developments and progress and assigns points. These points can then be exchanged for the rewards set up by the brand inside the Hypd app. It also provides total control so that brand owners and ambassadors can stay up to date. The following image shows how exactly it works:

hypd app
Brand Owner And Ambassador

Hypd is currently an official partner of one of the biggest ticketing suppliers in the world Eventbrite. It allows their event organizers to sell tickets through their fans. There are many big names such as ALDA Events, BKJN, BOOTSHAUS associated with the company. Hypd was also awarded the Ticketing Business Forum – Disruptor Award 2018.

Florian Eckelmann, one of the founders said that

It might sound cheesy but ultimately we want to do everything to empower the magical relationship between fans and brands. Authenticity is a major pillar of that.

HYPD Token

The cryptocurrency and blockchain world represents the future of global currency. While many ICOs are run by experienced people, there are also various frauds and scams in this world. ICOs are extremely lucrative because they make it easy for both the company raising money and for the investors which have the opportunity to directly invest.

Hypd is using a Security Token Offering (STO) to raise money to accelerate growth and provide financial benefits to their investors/token holders. Following is the token design:

Token Design

The HYPD token is an ERC-20 security token. ERC-20 gives a common list of rules for security tokens to follow within the ecosystem. The interaction between tokens can be accurately predicted by developers. These rules show how the tokens are transferred between addresses and how data within each token is accessed. Tokenholders will receive dividends from of all of Hypd profits, similar to a traditional company’s shares or stocks. Most ICOs distribute utility tokens, but Hypd is not a utility token. Utility tokens only enable investors to use it for a specific purpose within a proprietary dApp. The HYPD security token is created specifically to create a passive income flow for its holders and to constantly grow. The following image explains its design:

hypd token design
Hypd Token Design

Token holders will begin to receive dividends approximately 6-12 months after the end of the public token sale, and can store tokens in their wallets to sell at any time.

The token is based on several factors such as passive income, tradability, limited supply, reinvestment regime, and a ROI business model. Tokens are tradable and the company aims to list their token on all major exchanges who support security tokens. The value of the token is backed by the software and only a limited number of tokens will be issued during the ICO. To increase the growth of the company, 30% of all profits will be reinserted into the company, while the remaining 70% will be distributed as dividends to tokenholders. Hypd is already providing services to more than 100 brand customers, and has a continually growing database of 25k ambassadors as of Q3 2018 who are promoting their favourite brands using the platform. Hypd is a software as a service (SaaS), with no limit to scalability.

The following image explains its profitability:

hypd investment token
Hypd Investment Token

If you want to stay informed about all goings on of the HYPD token offering then you can join company’s official Hypd Announcement and Private Presale / HYPD Announcement Telegram channels.

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